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    Hi Mitch123,

    My post "I had to quit TF" and your reply has disappeared. I know you replied because I got an email saying there was a reply from you.

    I don't know what happened? Did it fall into a black hole?
    Do you think it will come back or not?

    Well, I'm sorry to say I didn't get to read your reply and that makes me feel very bad.

    Just wanted you to know that I did try to read it. I don't suppose you could remember what you said? Well, if you can would you mind terribly typing it again?


    By the way ... I woke up to a winter white world. We have an inch of powdery snow. It is so beautiful. My puppy is wondering what the heck it is? LOL.

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    I didn't see your post and I usually check the boards late every nite. I am so sorry to hear you had to give it up. How are you feeling? Have the bad flu like symptoms left?

    An inch of beautiful. We have been very warm and I have noticed a few sunburns.

    Smiles and a gentle hug,

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    Yes, it is quite peculiar. I had written a post to let you know I had to quit the TF and it has disappeared. I sent an email to the webmaster hoping they could help but have not heard back. Imagine they are very busy or out for the weekend.

    When I came down with the CFIDS/FM symptoms I also became very intolerant to certain foods, etc. I could not eat any dairy products, nuts, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, etc. without suffering a kind of toxic reaction. It felt like my brain would swell and I would get a horrible headache, eye & face pain and toothache then brain fog. It is a lot like a migraine but yet different.

    Later on in my quest to get well I tried taking whey protein and had the same reaction. Also I have tried Armour Thyroid & Levoxyl & a probiotic with apricot base, etc. and had the same toxic reaction. The transfer factor took awhile ... longer than most things... but in the end I had to quit it. As soon as I quit the head pains began to diminish but then my body aches & burning returned. I think the TF was doing a lot of good... to bad I have the bad reaction. I can't live with that head pain.

    I suppose I could experiment with the capsules I have leftover and see if the reacton returns if I take them but I have been sick so often this past month it isn't something I would pursue now.

    Then I got sick yesterday and even spilled my cookies. I don't know what is going on with me unless this flu never left my body and is rearing its ugly head again. The last couple mornings I have woken up with a sore throat again and almost lost my voice. I have been laying around a lot regaining my strength and was able to eat some hot cereal this morning. Well, enough about it. I am getting better again. Don't want you to feel bad for me. I'm ok.

    The snow is so beautiful and lifts my spirits. Forecast is we may get a lot more snow Monday. The temperature is 19 degrees at the moment and it isn't suppose to get much warmer than that today. We are getting the Arctic air flow which rarely occurs here but when it does then we freeze up. On Tues. we are suppose to have a turn around and get back to warmer temps and rain.

    I had to laugh when I read your reply and the mention of sunburns. It reminds me of the contrasts in our great country. Today Miami Florida is to be 81 degrees. That would certainly feel good about now. LOL.

    Well, for now I am going back on olive leaf extract and I may also try berberine with it. This will help keep the viruses, yeasts, bacteria, etc. from replicated. I am continuing with bromelain also bosewellia and lycopene. Have you read Dr. DeMeirer's research, etc.?

    My ND has me taking IAG arbinogalactans from larch tree to boost my immune system. I have been on it off and on since the onset of this DD.

    I am wondering now which way to turn. Try going to another ND I have heard good reports about and see what he comes up with or go to a MD I know and start antibiotics. Decisions, decisions. I have time to decide in any case because I have to work it into our tight budget.

    Blessings upon you,

  4. spacee

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    I am glad to hear that you have some things that help you.
    While TF has no side effects per se, I think most everything on the planet has some extremely rare person who can't tolerate it. It is interesting that the TF definitely helped some of the symptoms. I take Klonopin 5mg at night for my burning skin pain. I read over on the other board that Dr. Cheney says that klonpin slows down the onset of Alzheimers so well, that a person who takes it will die of another cause before Alz. That is good news, I have a sister in law who has alot of Alz. in close relatives.

    I have read some of Dr. D. but not too much. If what I remember is correct, he likes a treatment that costs about $1000 a month but is not available in the US. My life has been so changed by TF that I am rarely home, so not much time spent on the computer.

    That snow sounds so beautiful. Where I grew up we had snow on rare occations. Now, it would hard to even imagine being in it. It is the palm trees that lift my

    Keep your TF in the freezer and it will last more than 2 years. I would be reluctant to try it again until you can eat some of the other things without a headache. Maybe the new ND can help you out there.

    Smiles and Genltle Hugs....


    ANNXYZ New Member

    asking about glutathione injections , which seans doctor has done to target his viral and bacterial pathogens?
    You might also check out the home page for low dose naltrexone ( do a google on low dose naltrexone)dot org. This has proven helpful for other ilnesses as well as CFS FM , AIDS and cancer. I will pray this day for you to find some tools you can tolerate.

    ANNXYZ New Member

    as yours - head pain and face swelling. She was diagnosed with chiari and dysautonomia . She had surgery for the chiari and improved . A neurologist or neurosurgeon can help if this is something to be considered . You can find info on this on google . I hope you find some solutions !
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    I'm a bit concerned as why our posts got pulled, sorry for not replying sooner. Didn't the TF+ work before you changed over?, if so can you take it again.
    Don't give up girl,keep researching, your just a tougher nut to crack lol,I too have lots of food allergies, and I have chemical allergies. But luckily can tolerate Transfer Factor.

    The snow and puppy's reaction sounds delightful.

    Sorry i can't be more helpful, if the TF avenue is no longer a choice, I hope that your next turn in the road to better health is successful for you.

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    Spacee - Here are some of the posts based on Dr. DeMeirer's findings from other members that I saved to explain why boswellia, rosemary & lycopene may help us. Just in case you may find this interesting, etc.

    Boswellia and Rosemary correct the cleavage of the RnaseL actually, but inhibiting native elastase, which is very high usually in CFS it seems. The Stat-1 comes before the Rnase-L degredation and has something to do with some sort of pathogen or the huntingin gene from the cdc study , no on one is sure how stat-1 one fits in yet, but we do know RNaseL is the main problem here, and when it and and p53 are corrected, it is corrected too, probably because the pathogen is destroyed, immune system works, and stat 1 can kill the pathogen therefore killing the cycle. anyway, lycopene products were the natural alternative to promote cell destruction (apoptosis) for the P53 pathway, but remember it goes back and forth in cfs...De mar even said this..... apoptosis is activated totally and then totally blocked at different points in the illness. so really, its a case by case basis with lycopene which I was also thinking, but as for boswellia , rosemary and all the other elastase inhibitors, i would go with max dosage you can tolerate, before getting major herx's. i tried them for a few days already before even getting elastase levels checked. GOT MAJOR HERX's so something is defintely working here - PS they TASTE AWFUL, PILLS AND LIQUIDS.. and i mean these were like antibitoics herx's too. mostly from the boswellia. i was dosing like 1/4 a bottle a day seriously. too expensive, it was between twinlab brand )herbs naturals or something its called, a twinlab divison) and natures way i think. for now, im holding off, trying to test a few thories as im short in cash....


    There is a lot to absorb regarding the NCF and DE Meirlier research. Principally, my read is that there are three substances that become dysregulated: STAT1-alpha, Elastase, and P53. The events start with STAT1-alpha which is a signal transducer substance, i.e. a communicator. Next is elastase. Search this board with my screen name and look for RE: ELASTASE for a brief explanation. The third substance, P53, acts as a sentinal to find dysfunctional cells and mark them for apotosis (cell death).

    In regard to elastase and in particular to its destruction of elastin which gives various tissues elasticity, we are given our last charge of elastin at the time of our final growth spurt, and so have a limited lifetime supply. Once gone my understanding is that it is gone.

    Many other tissue types that are affected may recover probably in an age dependant manner. Consider yourself lucky in that respect - I hit double nickels on Tuesday!

    Hope this helps. My usual disclaimer to all - I am not a physician, but rather a PhD. engineer. Want to ask me about aerodynamics?

    Best regards,


    I saved these because they explained things in a way I could comprehend. The research articles are often a bit much for me to grasp.

    Yeh, you are doing so good on TF you probably don't need anything else. I am so happy for you. I was hoping I was in the same category but evidentally I must look elsewhere for help. I still have a lot of options so I will just move on. I really appreciated all your encouragement and support. Will stop by in the future to see how you are doing & let you know what is going on.

    You have blessed me and I bless you in return.
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    No I have never considered glutathionine injections. I can't remember exactly why at this moment but it seemed like there was some reason linked to either being risky at some level or not at all effective in most patients. I just cannot remember at this time what turned me off.

    Yes, I read the website for low dose naltrexone and am very interested in it. I will keep looking into this one.

    I didn't know what chiari is so I did a search. My mouth about dropped open when I read that the headache pain is worsened with sneezing, coughing or neck strain. That is something I DEFINITELY experience. Often times I have held my head when I sneezed or coughed as the pain is so extreme. I cannot have my hairwashed at the beauty parlor without my neck killing me. I have had neck troubles for years and a chiropracter explained some of the vertebraes in my neck are slanted at a wrong angle which causes a deformity in the angle of my neck. I wonder if I also have this chiari malformation? I did have an MRI last year and the neurosurgeon said it was normal but I read in an article that often this happens if they aren't specifically looking for chiari. I will have to look further into this and see what I come up with. I really appreciate you sharing this info. with me as it is a possibility.

    I know I have suffered from some dysautonomia but have improved somewhat. When symptoms wax and wane it makes it difficult to zero in on the cause. Fortunately they haven't been too extreme so far.

    Again my thanks for your input. You may have directed me to the right path. Who knows?

    My best to you,
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    Hi Mitch123,

    So glad you read this post. Yes, it is a bit unsettling when your post & reply disappears like that. But then with cyberspace there are so many glitches it may be nothing more than the "poof" your gone scenario. Static? whatever?
    I wrote the webmaster an email but have not heard a word.

    Well, I have been told I am a "nut" before lol. yeh, just hope I'm not too tough to crack. I would really like to get on with life. It has been so constricting these past 4 weeks being housebound. I've got cabin fever deluxe! Time for a good spell and an outing I'd say. I know they miss Cricket and me down at the pet store. The owner adores her and always holds her and gives her goodies. Hopefully by the end of this week we can get out.

    Yeh, I will keep it in mind that the 4Life plus didn't seem to bother me too much. I did get a slight headache from it though so it may have been building up. All my troubles started the day I took the Essentials w/matrix. Maybe though that was IT working and I just couldn't handle it? It is hard to know except that I just can't tolerate it when I get that head pain. It is torture.

    Hope you will do well on the TF. It is so cool when you find something that makes your life better. Just look at Spacee and it makes ya smile don't it?

    Here's to better days for all of us.
    Thanks mitch...I WILL keep on looking until I find my answer.