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    Although I'm still draggy--I believe I am benefiting from a supplement called Mitosynergy. I posted this at an earlier date. Every time I try to skip it, because I question how much good it is doing--I really feel worse. Although it is not a miracle, i believe it is enabling me to get through my days--and achieve things like grocery shopping. I know the one thing is--I do not have a cotton head feeling, that has plagued me on and off for years with the cfids. this product works by helping the mitochondria of the cells.
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    im interested in trying this, but dont like the idea of taking 6 of them a day. do you take the required amount that they recommend? i take a lot of other supplements , plus my other scription meds. taking all these meds is just too much for me and the tummy. just wondering if you have to take all 6 , before you see an improvement.

    thank you, joanie