Mitochondria and Intercellular Calcium

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    Last year I had the Acumen Mitochondrial function tests done through Dr Myhill and thought I had found the cause of my CFS. At the time my results were were poor. However I have relapsed and am much sicker (mainly heart problems) but my mitochondria function (ATP production) is now normal. The only problem noted was with the mitochondrial membrane and intracellular calcium.

    I'm hoping someone might be able to answer some questions

    1) Does the Acumen mitochondrial test really show an accurate picture of what is happening? Is it possible that the mitochondria function in the blood is very different from that in muscles, heart etc

    2) Can anyone give any explanation for what might cause the high intracellular calcium, what the effects might be, and how to treat it. Dr Myhill doesn't know the answer.

    Thank you


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    Afraid I can't answer your questions. Actually, I can't even understand them.
    But if someone on this board can't help, you might find some help on the
    CFS/FM board.