mitochondria ignite with nt factor

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by crickett, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. crickett

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    I would like to know if anybody has tried the mitochondria ignite with nt factor. I called and got the free 10 day sample as it seems to help me with some digestion issues!!!! I have not been on it but maybe 4 days and i have went ahead and ordered another bottle so i am hoping that it will help me with energy issues . I would like anyone else input on this product. thanks crickett
  2. mary01

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    I tried a couple of bottles. I'm sorry to say it did not help.

    I do recommend Corvalen, sold on this site. I really think it gives a gentle energy push. I use it twice a day.

    But I would certainly advise you to give it a try. It's worth trying.

  3. Sandy10m

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    Hi Crickett,
    Yes, I tried NT Factor (not Mitochondria Ignite), and it really did help me, even though I assumed it wouldn't (since most things don't really give you any noticeable help). I paid $32 for 120 capsules of pure NT Factor (Healthy Aging brand) online, instead of $52 for 90 capsules through this website. I have found significant results using it one per meal (3 times per day), and I'm increasing it this week to see if I get more effects. So, yes, I have also found help with using it. Good luck!
  4. ProHealth

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    We're currently offering a free 10-day sample of Mitochondria Ignite with NT Factor.

    Just call us at (800) 366-6056.