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  1. deepak

    deepak Member

    Has anyone heard of this supplement ?

    One of the reviewers says it totally cured her FM pains.

    This is the link.

  2. IanH

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    Yes, I have recommended PQQ (pyrolloquinoline quinone) in my mitochondrial recovery regime previously here on PH.

    PQQ increases mitochondrial biogenesis. Basically each cell (except for a few) has one or more mitochondria to generate the energy needed for the cell. Some cells, particularly nerve cells can have many mitochondria which travel up and down the neuron on a micro rail system. (which can be comandeered by various viruses).

    PQQ helps to increase the mitochondria which split to form new ones, or when they are done will fuse with another one. (Remember mitochondria were once bacteria and became all multi-cellular organism's energy producers).

    So, is it useful in ME/CFS. No one knows but because mitochondrial dysfunction is a problem in ME/CFS it could be helpful.

    Celery, spinach, parsley,kiwi-fruit, papaya and the Japanese food Nato are good sources of PQQ.

    I cannot see how it would cure FM pains though.

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  3. deepak

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    pasting 2 reviews from amazon

    "This is without a doubt the best supplement I have ever taken. I had Fibromyalgia and it is now gone. I now have energy and my body is finally getting back into balance. I could go on and on about how great this product is , but I say give it a try. It is life changing. "

    "The question is, does PQQ cause cancer? Or more specifically, is PQQ a telomerase? A telomerase is a substance that elongates the ends of of DNA, and by doing so, lengthens a cell's lifespan. Normally cells are programed by the body to die after a certain amount of time. If they live for an abnormally long time different things can happen depending on which cells are impacted. One way cancer or tumors can happen is when certain cells fail to die on time."

    Ian- any views on this cancer thing ?

  4. IanH

    IanH Active Member

    PQQ has no effect on telomerase and is not implicated in cancers.
    Biochem J. [2010] 429:515-26

    I don't believe a word of the first statement.

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