mitral valve leakage

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    First off I was at the ER last wk thinking I was having a heart attack.. I called my Dr and the nurse said to get there asap.. Ended up driving myself and being there alone for almost 3 hrs but.. things turned out ok. ..Other then he said it may be the fibro that was in a flare from the bad weather we were having at the time. or I more or less asked if he thought that could be what was going on.. and he said yes.. could be.. soooo

    Today,I got home from having a stres test done at the local hospital and I was wondering if anyone has this? The Heart Dr said it was mild .. and that alot of ppl have it and arent even aware of it?

    He didnt say anything about following up with him or anything of that sort.. which I found strange..
    Any of you have this or ever heard of it?
  2. Fudge43

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    Deb .. yes .. a lot of us have MVP .. I have an echocardiogram once a year .. take anti-biotics for dental work .. just did that this morning .. it isn't a big deal but does help explain some of the odd symptoms .. breathlessness ? at times .. "tired but wired" feeling .. hightened startle relfex .. I really hate that one .. we are like nervous cats in a room full of rocking chairs waiting for our tails to be tramped on ..
    Follow up .. nothing serious other than watching for unusual symptoms that are new ..
    As far as I have been told .. that is what I know.
    Good Luck try not to worry ! easier said than done I know !
    Fudge : )
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    done many yrs. ago they said it was MVP.
    They didn't seem to be concerned.
    When I am under a lot of stress ( which is always:) I get a feeling like there is a fish flopping around in my chest trying to get out!:)
    Sometimes it happens just a few times in one day, other times it goes on for weeks.
    I notice it happens with some of my meds ( muscle relaxers).
    I take supplements that are suppose to be good for the heart.
  4. MsBrandywine

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    Thanks for the resonses. I had to step out for a bit but just got back in to check back.
    I didnt realize that the heightened responses comes from this? and the fluttering. I have had that before.. not often but some.
    I havent really done any searching on this yet. but Thanks for any and all replies.

  5. Fudge43

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    I forgot to mention this Deb .. magnesium supplements are supposed to be helpful .. I take the combo of calcium/magnesium/zinc plus extra magnesium ..
    I'm not sure if it is doing any good but it may take some time .. there is a lot of info on this on the net and on here ..
    Good Luck !
    Fudge : )
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    I do try to take the citracal with magnesium. Is this what you mean? I know when I take it. It helps with ahhh constipation! lol....
    Sometimes tho it seems to bother my stomach.I have to make sure to take it with food. I take synthroid too and with that.. you have to be careful not to take calcium close to when you take that.
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    Thank you to all that helped or tried to help with useful information..
  8. MsBrandywine

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    My Drs office just called.. they said my stress test came back normal? Whew!!. Im glad of that but why did the Heart Dr that was there say that I had this? I asked the Nurse.. well why did he say that I had it and now you say it is normal.. which Im very glad the nurses or technicians that helped me get ready.. ( When I was preparing to leave,she said I would need to take antibiotics before dental procedures.. My Drs nurse did say when I asked.. that 85% of the population has this and is unaware of it.. .. still having chest discomfort but it may be from the weather .. fibro related and then the acid reflux.. did have some gerd after having my am decaf coffee.. why do they do this contradictory explanations.. makes me wonder if they know what they really know!.. good grief...
    anyways... have errands to do but hope ya all have a good day'
  9. mbofov

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    l-carnitine (or acetyl-l-carnitine) and magnesium are definiately supposed to help with MVP. Do a google search and read about it.
  10. Fudge43

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    MsBrandywine ... I like your name ! : )

    I know I used to be overwhelmed by all of the different "opinions" of doctors relating to this condition .. sometimes they only see us for one thing and don't look at the "whole" picture or patient ...

    I too take anti-biotics for dental work .. mostly because I rarely take them for anything at all so I'm not afraid of building an immunity to them ( i think that is a concern with the doctors .. that if it isn't required for an infection don't take them! ) ... but .. I had a young cardiac doctor and an endocrinologist say "TAKE THEM for dental work !" .. so I do ..

    I have had two exercise stress tests .. one bad ( lack of blood to left side of heart while under physical stress ) and the next one was fine .. so I don't know what to think really ..
    I was advised to have an angiogram .. where they thread a tube from your thigh to your heart and release dye to see if there is a blockage in any of the vessels .. I turned it down .. it is such a scary test to me I'm taking my chances that I'm ok ..

    Every one has to make an informed decision for themselves in the end .. and it can be overwhelming .. try not to worry about it .. easier said than done I know .. but the worry is stress on our bodies and we don't need that !
    Good Luck and take care .. you know your body better than anyone else .. when you think there is something wrong see your doctor ..
    Fudge : )