mitral valve regurgitation

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    Does any one have Mitral Valve regurg.?I hear alot about prolapse,In fact thought I was told I had that,But then last stress test cardiologist said no,you have Regurg.?If so what symptoms do you feel from this,And can it be related to fibro?Is it worse than prolapse?Just dont know too much about it,But he wasnt too concerned,Told me to take betablocker if made me feel better.
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    I have a heart murmur that I have periodically checked to make sure it has not progressed to mitral valve prolapse (both my mom and sister have MVP).

    When I have echocardiograms the results are always a "functional murmur". Basically what a murmur is, is a regurgitation of blood in the valve.

    I had a period of time where my heart was pounding and fluttering (palpatations) and it was not letting up. The doc. said if it continued and bothered me she could put me on a beta blocker. I was happy after a few weeks that it subsided. I'm back to getting occasional palpatations again, which is fine I can deal with that.

    Your doc is right that it is not anything to worry about. But, if your symptoms get worse you can always take him up on the offer of the beta blocker.