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    I have mixed emotions today.
    My daughter is now 16, and her behavior has escalated lately.
    She began having anxiety attacks that I know of a couple of weeks ago. I think she's actually had anxiety problems for longer, but only told me for sure then.
    So, I had an appt set for her today with our family doctor to discuss this.
    In the meantime, over the weekend was her HS homecoming, and while attempting to go into the dance, teacher smelled alcohol on her and called me. They wouldn't let her in the dance, and wouldn't allow her to leave, because she was driving her car.
    I was so upset, I thought I banged into my kids' brains to never never never drive or ride with anyone who had been drinking.
    So, when my husband and i went to get her she threw a total fit, and was so out of control.
    We finally got her to get in my car, and her dad drove her car home, before the police could take her. It was so upsetting, not to mention embarrassing.
    So, now she's on her second out of school suspension, this time for 5 days. Last month she was suspended for 3 days for fighting another girl at school. The other girl started it, but of course my daughter didn't back down.

    So, I'm also kind of relieved, because now I know to get her some counseling for her behavior. I just don't know about school. I fear she is not going to pass her junior year. I want to get her referred to an Emotional Disorder school, and her principal will get matters started, but he wants me to see what her doctor says first, and then go from there.
    I'm just worried that her emotional and anxiety problems she is having might cause her to have Fibromyalgia.
    I was depressed as a teenager, but not manic like she's been acting. Does anyone else think there's a link between depression and FM??

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    Thank you so much for posting a reply. I know I'm not the only person in the world dealing with teenagers, and it's really good to have your support.
    Yesterday the doctor put her on 20 mg of celexa. It scares me to death for her to be on an antidepressant at first, you know because of the possible side effects. I just hope and pray that this one will help her and she doesnt' have to go through trying many different meds to see what is the best one for her.
    The doctor didn't exactly make any diagnosis, but I think she is bi-polar. I had her read some info about it, and she thinks she is, also. I'm just glad at this point she's willing to make an effort to get help. I hope it stays that way.
    Thanks again for your support!

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    I don't know if they are related. It seems just a lot of depression is out there. But to tell you our family's story:

    My sis in law has Lupus/RA/FM and depression which might be toward the bipolar side (one doc said). Her daughter was diagnosed as bipolar at age 14 (no signs of FM or autoimmune disease). She has done well on her meds, thankfully. And I hope your daughter does well too. BTW, she is 24 now and stable.

    I know it must be very, very hard.

    God Bless your daughter and your family.