mixed feelings on bloodwork results

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rose_Red, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Rose_Red

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    I had my bloodwork done so that I could start working on a vitamen and supp regimen. I was certainly surprised when I got my reslults.

    My thyroid is really low - try the supp's before we start meds
    my B's are at 405 - I need to be at 400 before my ins. willl pay for injections

    and to top it off - I'M BORDERLINE DIABETIC!

    I can deal with the thyriod and the B12. At least if I can take care of this I can get off the couch and maybe not feel like i'm slowly dying.

    I've had hypoglycemia forever but I really thought I'd have more time before the big D word came up. I'm adopted but diabetes runs in my family. I DON'T WANT IT!!!!! I'M ONLY 32 !!!!!!

    I'm cycling between not thinking of it and trying not to burst into tears.

  2. Dee50

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    What a shock! You can help yourself better now and that is great news. You know more about whats going on in your body. I hope with careful diet changes you can fix your problems and get healthy. Its alot of work and hard to get started but well worth it.
    This new diet thing was very confusing at first for me there is so much information out there! I choose Eat Right for Your Blood Type and its made changing my diet easyer and givin me a goal and direction to go in.