mixing trazodone and prozac...need advice

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by piebear, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. piebear

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    I was wondering if anyone on here takes both prozac and trazodone. I saw my Rheumy today and he recommended I try this combo. (actually he is putting me on the generic of prozac whatever that is) He upped my trazodone to 150mg since the lower dosages just weren't keeping me asleep all night. And I don't remember the amount of prozac he put me on. It was a low dosage though. Trazodone at night, prozac during the day.

    Now a little background on where I'm at. I have sleep problems like most people on here. Also I guess I have some depression sometimes (it runs in my family and I've battled it off and on for years) and I do get moody and irritable as well. Its been worse since I found out I had this fibro. Sometimes this illness its just too much to handle. And I'm already an emotional and sensitive person so this doesn't help me. But does that warrant being on prozac? I'm wondering if thats the main reason he put me on the prozac or if it really is a good combo for sleep and for fibro.

    I am also very worried about taking 2 antidepressants. I took Celexa for awhile and it turned me into a zombie, took away my sex drive and made me gain 30 pounds. And then it took me 6 nightmarish months to get off of it. Sometimes I wonder if my brain was damaged and thats why I have the problems that I do. And then there is that book Prozac backlash...

    I don't know what my other options would be for sleep though. Not sure being on a prescription sleep medication is the best route either. And my Rheumy seems to want to keep me on some sort of antidepressant, probably because they are known to help people with fibro.

    I'll be picking up the prozac tomorrow so thats when I'm trying the combo.
    So... I need some advice in the meantime.
    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm on generic prozac too, and I'm interested to hear how this turns out for you. I tried Trazadone before, with good results for awhile.

    I was wary of prozac too, at first. I had heard bad stories about it (never firsthand) and was worried it would mess me up more. I only tried it as a last result, because nothing else worked, plus I have a close friend who was doing very well on it for regular depression.(she doesn't have chronic pain)

    It hasn't been a miracle drug for me, however, it's definitely made a difference. I still have a sex drive, though orgasm takes a bit more effort. I've lost weight effortlessly since starting it, though I can't say for sure it was the prozac that caused it. Dropped about 35 pounds and still losing. And I feel more sane most days. It doesn't drug me or fog me up more.

    Prozac Nation is a good read-- it was written by one of the first people to use Prozac, and it was a miracle drug for her.

    Keep me posted on how this combo works for you, ok?

    Good luck,
  3. Shananegans

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    Great combination for me. I luckily am not depressed but my doctor wanted to try the Prozac (generic) and Trazadone combination for the exact reason you mention, sleep issues and Fibro crap. I was on both for about 4 months until the Prozac ended up making me sleep ALL of the time. I was seriously sleeping 15 hours a day or more.

    This does not happen to everyone who takes Prozac but it is quite common and I know quite a few that it has happened to. Apparently it usually occurs within the first 4 months to a couple of years. I read that somewhere.

    But assuming that this may not happen to you, it was a great combination for me at first. Also, the Trazadone without the Prozac didn't do diddly, so I don't know about them separately. When I stopped the Prozac, it was pretty soon that I stopped the Trazadone.

    Oh yeah, and my sex drive was fine... but then again, it's pretty tough to break my spirit.

    Good luck and I hope this works for you!
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    Thanks so much for the input guys! That makes me feel better to hear your experiences.
    I guess I'll just try it and see what happens. I'll keep you posted. =)