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    Mikie, I cannot find the recent discussion on MJ that I "think" you started.....I just wanted to
    add that CA is closer to joining the ranks of CO and WA in total legalization. I'm hearing this the
    last couple days in spite of Gov Brown's somewhat resistance...

    I would be glad to see that and would like to walk in to a shop and buy MJ oils or some other stuff I might want to try. Not the smoke stuff as I don't want to smoke anything.

    I heard that CO had tax revenue of $2M in Jan from $18M in MJ sales. We need to get as much revenue as possible since we have lost SO MANY mfg jobs.....jam
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    Hi, Jam, wow, not sure I even remember that discussion. Was it on the CFIDS/FMS forum? So far, it seems that things are going smoothly in CO and sales are booming. One snag is that they want to have a big celebration of legalizing MJ but are afraid people will want to toke up in public, which is against the law. If there is a big turnout in a park outside, there likely aren't enough police to put a stop to it. This could endanger the law. BTW, when I've been in Key West down here, people are smoking weed all over the place and no one pays any attention to it. Cops are busy trying to handle the drunks. How ironic that they are busy with people drunk on a legal substance and pay no attention to those high on MJ. The MJ people are just mellow (and hungry :) Their biggest public problem in recent years is the large population of feral chickens who run around all over the place. Key West is a real trip (pun intended).

    I think FL now has enough signatures to put Medical MJ on the ballot this year. I doubt it will pass as so many see it as a gateway to total legalization. Also, it's a total farce. The dispensaries have their own docs who will write an Rx for around $100. I don't have glaucoma but my eye pressure does tend to be a bit high. My own doc might even write an Rx for me. I also can't smoke but it comes in all kinds of products from lollipops to brownies, including gluten-free brownies.

    As a side note, I've been binge watching "Weeds," an old Showtime series. There are 102 shows and I'm about half- way through. It's totally unrealistic and not for those easily offended by nudity and simulated sex acts but it's a fascinating story line, not unlike the one in "Breaking Bad."

    Saw a show on TV showing a young child who suffered from 100 seizures a day. Her parents got the docs to give her MJ without the THC in it. The child was down to only 1 seizure a day but the parents couldn't afford the expensive strain of the hybrid MJ. Three brothers in CO own growhouses which supply most of the retail stores. They took the strain and developed a supply. They charge only what the parents can pay. The parents have moved to CO so their child can get what she needs. MJ likely has all kinds of benefits if only the govt. could get over their "Reefer Madness" mentality. I don't advocate getting high while doing anything like driving but then, I also don't advocate driving drunk or while texting or putting on makeup. There will always be those who abuse substances but they shouldn't be the std. by which we make decisions.

    I'll see whether I can find our discussion.

    Love, Mikie
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    Jam, found the discussion over on the CFIDS/FMS board and bumped it up for you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks Mikie, maybe it was NOT your post and I was going to add this stuff to that post and maybe not....this board is still too COMPLEX for me etc..... I have not seen the shows you mentioned, but have heard a lot about MJ and seizures and glaucoma and MORE......

    Again, I'd like to be able to WALK IN to a cannibus store just like a liquor store and buy what I want....my liquor stores are in the past for me as I do not imbibe at all, maybe one wine a month.....totally lost the taste for it and KNOW it's not good for me and when I think of money I save....I can buy more supps......jm
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    Jam, there are three pages under that thread I started over on the CFIDS board. Don't know whether that's the discussion you were thinking of or not. A new poll by the Wall Street Journal showed that people believe smoking, drinking and eating sugar are all more dangerous than MJ. The mindset in this country is slowly changing. I believe you will be able to get medical MJ and, probably, recreational MJ in the not too distant future.

    I believe we have just scratched the surface of all the benefits of MJ.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie, how long has the Green Plant been in existence? FAR longer than the powerful pharma world....they have fought it tooth and nail.... Some other friends have been discussing Hemp Oil recently for pain and more.... jam
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    Pharma will always fight the natural remedies unless they can find a way to control it and sell it themselves. Look at how hard they tried to fight guaifenesin. For a while, the only way to get it was in Mucinex.

    MJ has many strains and research would probably find different benefits, depending on the strains. That they have been so successful in eliminating the THC for the strain which stops the seizures in children is amazing. Even Big Pharma doesn't usually get results like that.

    It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I just hope CO doesn't blow it (no pun intended) and ruin it for everyone. My DD tells me that sales have bypassed everyone's expectations and the tax dollars are rolling in to help balance the state's budget.

    Love, Mikie
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    And then look at the mega profits the chemical pushers have been making for close to 60 yrs......none of the mass fluoridation is approved by FDA....totally upside down world for sure. Mikie, did you read the story from the woman in Grand Rapids (first city fluoridated) and all her health issues....I posted it on the fluoride post I keep alive here..... and yes it will be all very interesting how MJ all evolves....I'm just very very happy I live in a liberal open minded thinking state.....I could not make it any other way....thou very disappointed on how CA sold out to fluoride pushers, but there is a large lawsuit in the courts now and I hope I'm still alive when it's all said and done... .jam
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    Jam, I hope we are both alive to see fluoride OUT of our water supply. If people want it, they can buy fluoride toothpaste and rinses but it doesn't need to be in the water we drink and use for everything else. How smart were the industrial interests to sell the govt. on forcing toxic waste on us to drink?

    Love, Mikie
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    You know Mikie, I'm on a thyroid board and ONE major damaging effect of "F" is on the thyroid and even thou Mary Shomon writes on "F" but she also walks the middle of the line pros and cons and I suppose she won't come out and say just how bad it is for our thyroids for sure, and I put so much info out to the folks and some still fight that it's a good thing...drives me crazy on some folks brains.....yes, it should not be in our waters to "TREAT" people and yet SO MANY including govt agencies condone it, makes me sick...

    For one major issue, DOSING, everyone who drinks "F" water gets very different degrees of doses.....grrrrrr
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    And here's where Mary Shomon comes out against Fluoride:


    Apr 4, 2006 ... By Mary Shomon. Updated April 04 ... "Fluoride jeopardizes health even at low
    levels deliberately added to public water supplies. It poses risks ...

    Darn, this link does not OPEN, but if one just does a search: Mary Shomon Fluoride, this and other links come up.....I don't know if this non OPEN issue is my computer or what, it happens a lot, I have an older XP desk top....so who knows and I do everything correct as far as I know....
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