mjgkennedy's prayer for Achey

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Mikie, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. Mikie

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    Fires 10/27/03 01:01 AM

    Achey delighted you are okey I and all your friends here were worried about you. Please God you will not have to leave your home..Praying for you.
    Love Mary

  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    You are OK, but sorry to hear you are so sick. That's more stress than anyone should have to bear. Take good care of yourself.

    Love, Mikie
  3. ValleyGirl89

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    So glad to know that you are safe! I will keep praying for all those still involved in the fire and will pray for your health.
  4. Sunshyne1027

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    God works wild ways into peoples lives.

    I was watching the news and coverage about the fires. I seen how devastated people were when going back to their homes and finding nothing but ashes. It triggered some memories of when my family had a house fire a couple years ago. I started weeping, crying uncontrallably. I guess I stuffed them feelings back then.. I didn't fully cry and grieve the loss we experienced. It was Gods way for me I think to lift that pain off of my heart. After crying and grieving.. Not only for us..But for you all too in California, I felt so much better. You all are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Just felt the urge to share this.