MLV antiretrovirals

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    During the CFSAC meeting, Dr. Coffin did mention that there were antiretrovirals which had been used effectively in test tubes for XMLV (which is not the same but related to XMRV from what I know). In fact, he said that AZT (an early HIV drug) was originally tested in XMRV? before it was used for HIV. But the panel was also cautious about just having people start HIV drugs outside of a clinical trial.
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    And notice that he said that the virus does not seem to replicate much. He said this might be bad news for using drugs that hinder the replication.

    It may be that those of us very sick are in an AIDS situation. The XMRV has decimated our immune system. But those of us who get better, we still have the virus, but our immune system has caught up and is keeping it under control.

    So, that might lead you to believe that maybe for those of us severely sick, a combination of boosting our immune system and fighting the virus by halting the replication may move us into the group that have the virus but it isn't replicating as much.

    I hope that is understandable.

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    I noticed in the article that they mentioned dideoxyinosine, a nucleoside analog- which is a form or related to (I'm not a biochemist) inosine - which Dr. Cheney is recommending to his patients.

    Inosine is an over the counter product.

    I need to look further into this...


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