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  1. Cromwell

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    Thanks for the info on the thyroid biopsy. I had a needle aspiration done about 15 years ago by an excellent doctor and even so my throat hurt badly for two days.

    I have three nodules also on the right. This third one sprang up last year. The big guy I think is 1.45cm but has been big for years, the other two I think are under 1cm.

    I had iodine uptake 15 years ago too and it showed hot/cold and since then I do monitor and measure.

    My fam doc is either over vigilent or lax as all get out. He probably never even bothered to check and see what changes from last year as we were in another State then. We have had this same doc for 20 years, but in between have lived all over, we just always come back to Upstate NY, Dh's home town.

    Brain fog, I cannot recall if any of them have been solid before or not, but tech said they were all solid. I also read that normally they worry about one solo nodule more than multi ones, and that men largely get the cancers.

    I do have Hashimotos and nodules and Hashi goes together. In fact how they dxd Hashimotos was from biopsy as my blood work, as if often the case with Hashi is always normal, except for ANA. The biopsy showed antibodies right in the thyroid.

    I go on THursday so I will post and let you know. Gee I see neurosurgeon Wed, thyroid doc Thur and neurologist Fri-busy lady, let us hope they all have good news.

    I also wanted to thank you for your advice past too. I have been breaking the Prilosec in half and managing very nicely now on 10mg a day. I also read recent report that 10mg works just as well as 40mg or 20mg once gastritis is cleared up.

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    You're very welcome, and I'll be thinking of you.

    The one good thing about my biopsy was that after the pain of biopsy went away, my throat stopped hurting - the largest cyst was putting pressure on all the surrounding structures.

    My endos told me that the lymphatic drainage pathway coming down the neck (over 300 lymph nodes!!!)from the skull can also become irritated and set the whole area off.

    After being sent to the ENT a second time for the throat pain with no changes in my thyroid nodules - I started taking Loratidine (generic for claritin) once daily to keep everything draining and I haven't had a sore throat since.

    The nice thing about my endos. it that when you have your appointment with them they are prepared to do biopsy THAT DAY if one has to be done - that way you don't have to sit around for another week to two weeks thinking about it.

    Hugs Back,
    Madame Curie

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