M'M'MY GENERATION- old song takes on new life- COOL

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    The oldest and greatest rock band in the world - meet The Zimmers and their amazing cover of The Who's "My Generation".

    Lead singer Alf is 90 - it's quite something when he sings "I hope I die before I get old". And he's not the oldest - there are 99 and 100-year-olds in the band!

    The Zimmers will feature in a BBC TV documentary being aired in May 2007. Documentary-maker Tim Samuels has been all over Britain recruiting isolated and lonely old people - those who can't leave their flats or who are stuck in rubbish care homes.

    The finale of the show is this group of lonely old people coming together to stick it back to the society that's cast them aside - by forming a rock troupe and trying to storm into the pop charts.
    Some massive names from the pop world have thrown their weight behind The Zimmers... The song is produced by Mike Hedges (U2, Dido, Cure), the video shot by Geoff Wonfor (Band Aid, Beatles Anthology), and it was recorded in the legendary Beatles studio 2 at Abbey Road.


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    Just watched the Video! Very Kool! it was fun seeing the old timers haveing alot of fun! The women especially ,,,lolo Smashing Guitars!lol and the Bleeping of a certian word was apparent!,,,,,,,,,,Hope it gets to the charts,,,,,,,,,,,Thanks for sharing! ,,,,,,,,,S
  3. paulmack

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    That was excellent,made my morning watching the vid.Very uplifting.Loved them trashing the guitars & the gesture at the end,LOL.

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