MMS/Miracle Mineral Supplement == Anyone here trying it?

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    Wolverine started a post on the main board about MMS/Miracle Mineral Supplement...

    --Lots of discussion (?) as to validity, so don't really want to go into that here LOL -and a few are trying it, but wondering if anyone here is?

    First part of the book by Jim Humble is free & downloadable, altho I'll warn you, it needs editing as it's self-published!!!. (His original site is

    So, if anyone here's trying it, and if so, what responses are y'all getting? I haunt the lyme-and-rife list (yahoo), it's recommended trying it before rifing that it will make a difference when one does Rife. What's particularly important is to start with only 1 drop... and from what I've read about others' experiences on above list, some can't even take that very often.

    (LOL I don't want to discuss Rife here either, actually... just MMS -- am barely up to posting right now, much less debating or arguing; thankfully we don't get much of that here, but the extra fatigue right now is why I haven't been on much at all...)

    ANYWAY... just wanted to repost my DH's response and my son's response to taking it so far, as well as a friend who started it at the same time. This is a copy of what I posted on Wolverine's post on the main board:

    My DH and son (with CDC lyme) have both been giving this a try now, as is a friend who did exactly what was NOT recommended, ie, to do 15 drops at one time. He had a severe reaction, no surprise, he'd been in 'Nam and had become very ill with no one knows what, had a 2nd bout here, they never did figure it out.

    He has now worked his way up to 7 drops 2X day and - he thinks he feels a difference.

    My DH has experienced some diarrhea but is up to 15 drops 1X/day, I think he's going to try twice per day.

    One major POSITIVE change for him, and it's a BIG change - is his atypical Bells Palsy has improved tremendously since he started a few weeks ago! He has had constant spasming on one side of face/scalp for past 10 years, botox helped for a while but he hated to go back to it and it was slowly worsening again. It was spasming pretty constantly, has kept him awake at times.

    My son, who seems to have plateaued on abx for lyme + other infections, is currently feeling good taking 2 drops every 2 hours for 5 doses total... he started out at the 1 drop per day, but no real reaction I think because he has been pulsing abx for past 3 years. He definitely seems less irritable and a bit cognitively clearer. The neuro/cognitive end of lyme etc (ie brain fog) has been the most difficult to see any change in him.

    From what I've read on the rife-and-lyme list, many people take a long time to progress from 1 or 2 drops more than even 1X/week... they recommend doing it before rifing. Neither my DH or son are trying rife right now.

    Anyway, I'm watching this thread with great interest since I know 3 people personally trying this, one with definite lyme+, and who-knows-what with my DH and friend but they definitely have some problems.

    I haven't checked lymenet yet to see what response is going on there, but that's next...

    all the best,

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    I have not tried it, but I think there was some discussion on this over at Lymenet.

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    Thought I'd update on the MMS drops..

    My DH is taking 15 drops right now without too many ill effects along the way................ in fact, if anything, he feels that he is feeling better, more energetic, etc. His knee which suddenly acted up a few months ago (ligament/tendon injury from who knows what) is also suddenly better... the facial spasm has continued to improve - in fact, right now he has NONE. This hasn't happened since botox.

    (I originally wrote here it hadn't, but then realized I hadn't really looked to see what was going on as I'm so used to it... amazing how 'blind' we can become!)

    My son just had a visit with his LLMD; he was told to stop abx completely for several months to let his immune system take over and see what's what, as actually in the past months joint/muscle pains have returned that were completely gone a year ago. Anyway, he has also been trying the MMS drops recently as I said above..... he hasn't been able to up his dosage yet without getting too much of a 'herx' reaction, but does continue to be less irritable and a bit clearer.

    I was taking a break before beginning phase 3 of the MP, got talked into trying 2 drops of the MMS and surprisingly got my usual herx reaction that I've gotten on the MP - overall 'flu' feeling and extreme fatigue. LOL not sure what I'll do next - start phase 3 or do this for a bit............. not in the 'study' on the MP site currently anymore anyway.

    Our daughter is also now trying it during her school break, and got diarrhea after working up to 15 drops and had to stop for a few days, just started back on a lesser dose, remains to be seen what happens...... we've always suspected she may have lyme or other infections.

    So while 3 out of the 4 of us have not been tested formally for lyme etc (my son, the only one tested, was 'CDC +') and I've the dx of CFIDS....... we all know how these things are in clusters generally.

    This is a time-consuming process, as with abx or herbs, as one needs to work their way thru it depending on reactions........ anyone else yet trying it here?

    all the best,

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    I asked Wayne (waynesrhythm) as he'd been a contributor to it; it's been deleted altho as to why, nobody seems to know; I can only assume lots of possibilities (@@ - rolling my eyes, anything is possible).

    So it's hard to say if something exploded or what, wolverine's last post now is early May, so have no idea.... he may have deleted it himself for some reason.

    Not sure that I'll start one there on it, since the book about it is horribly written and there's really nothing to back it up except for testimonials etc.............

    LOL to add to the mix, my DH and son have been doing NAET for various substances........ another controversial subject. Can't say there's a difference in any obvious way, but interestingly, my son, myself, and our chiro (who's doing the NAET on us) were all sensitive to the MMS according to the muscle testing, while my DH was not and has been most easily able to take the MMS.

    But again, I haven't seen my son able yet to move up on the MMS since being desensitized altho our chiro was able to; I'll be trying 2 drops again tonight just for the heck of it...........

    These posts are hard to write, for me, as there's no 'science' behind it. But hey, if it doesn't hurt, what the heck............. anything's worth a try, and when I consider what I/we've spent on stuff that IS supposed to work but hasn't, I figure we have nothing to lose (MMS is extremely inexpensive).

    Not everyone can do the MP of course........ but not everyone can do any one protocol......... these realizations tend to get lost on those who concentrate on allopathic old remedies...... I also just don't get how the med establishment expects anyone to just give up and not try to get better. How can that be worse than trying their 'solutions' to insolvable illnesses, like taking high doses of prednisone?

    Rambling a bit here............. and getting off topic, not hard to do with these things!

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    My DH was taking non-deodorized garlic capsules, it was bad! There was a recipe for 'voodoo tea' on the main board and on chit-chat, have you ever tried it?

    I totally agree...... I didn't find solutions to handle my endometriosis, inoperable bone spur, and hypoglycemia thru traditional allopathic medicine, altho of course I'd turn to it immediately if needed.

    I was taking cayenne caps a while back, really helped my metabolism (was finally warm in winter!) AND I felt better overall as a result (well-I think that's why, but maybe it was doing something else too?);

    Except I have an ulcer that's not h. pylori that it kicked up. Not sure what to do for it, except avoid those foods, altho I've read cabbage juice may help (altho the article concentrated on its antibacterial qualities).

    Hmmm maybe I should retitle this thread 'Totally non-traditional approaches'?