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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by solarStar, Aug 2, 2007.

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    I really appreciate how the whole country has really shown major support for my state after this troubling accident!

    I lived right on the other side of that bridge 14 months ago when I was living at the University durring a difficult pregnancy. I was actually doctoring at the hospital Fairview where they had many walk ins from the bridge collapse yesterday. I drove over that bridge many times durring the three months I was there when pregnant with my youngest who I am happy to say just turned 2 in July and is VERY healthy thanks to those very doctors!

    It was a very long night last night with phone calls coming in from relatives all around the cities and surrounding areas who used that bridge calling to say they were safe. Many of them from pay phones as the ccell towers were overwhelmed.

    Something like this hits so close to all of us here in this state as many of us use that bridge whenever in the cities and many of us have friends and family that use it daily! (All my family and friends are safe and were not anywhere near the bridge durring the collapse. TTL) My father and Mom were just there this weekend though. It really hit home for all of us.

    I just wanted to thank you sincerely for your heartfelt prayers and thoughts to our state and those impacted personally. I was always a little afraid of bridges and held my breth but I think it will be a long time before anyone in MN will go over a bridge without doing that now. (And that particular bridge was only 40 years old and had a lifespan of 70 years!) The skyline downtown now will always be missinag something withought those beautiful arches though and they say it will be a long time before any newly constructed bridge will be finished. Hopefully they will find a way to memorilize the poor people hurt by this collapse in the new bridge.

    I really just wanted to say thank you and please keep praying for the family of those dead and for the survivors.

    Blessings and Prayers
  2. alaska3355

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    Isn't it amazing some of the stories....a young lady whose car rode the bridge down, went airborne a few times and landed only to next hear a car come crashing through her rear window? And she was able to walk away from it....amazing. I was happy her baby still had a mother. I imagine the death toll will go up, once they find everybody, but it will take awhile. My prayers are with all those affected.

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