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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scrappnmom, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. scrappnmom

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    My husband just brought new insurance info home from work for 2006. Under our new prescription coverage, the Mobic that I have taken for a couple of years for my Fibro and arthritis is not covered without a prior authorization. Sometimes I just hate insurance don't you? Anyway, it lists the alternatives for Mobic as: Arthrotec, Etodolac, Nabumetone, Naproxen and Oxaprozin. Has anyone ever heard of these and are any of them any good for arthritis pain and Fibro pain? I looked up Naproxen (since it's the only one I've ever heard of) and it's not anything but Aleve! The insurance info is saying If the prior authorization is not approved, you either have to get one of the alternatives or pay the full price for the Mobic! And the full price for 1 month of Mobic is $167.00!!! I surely can't afford that! Any suggestions?
  2. fivesue

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    they can't you get a form for an authorization? They can't just stop paying for something because of a new rule. There has to be some way to "grandfather" previously prescribed medications. I would call the insurance company and have them send you a form, get the doc to fill it out, and send it on its way.

    Hopefully this will be relatively simple...but who knows with insurance companies.


  3. bcn

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    A few years ago my Dr gave me Arthrotec and it worked awesome for the pain I was having at that time, however I had a reaction to it. My husband also has some intense pain from arthritis and disc degeneration and he started the Arthrotec and it helps him a lot. I definitely would give that one a shot. Hope this helps
  4. dwrascaldog

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    Hi, I've been taking the naproxen for 3 months, but it doesn't do a lot for me. I take Ultram also, and it does more for the leg cramps and some of the joint pain that anything else does.
    Hope this info helps. My ins won't even cover my med for 18 months, I've had FMS for 8 years, and had to lose my ins, then noone would take me. Am finally on my husband's through his work, but there's an 18 mo pre existing condition clause. Wonderful, huh? Insurance companies have it made.
  5. Tiger69

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    Have your doctor tell the insurance when you get the preauthorization forms that mobic is the only med that will work and the if you're either allergic to, or have tried the others and they haven't worked. Naproxen is BAD NEWS! I've tried it and it tears up my stomach. I had to go back to Vioxx until they pulled it last year, them Bextra until that was pulled earlier this year. Now I take Mobic and get it through the patient assistance programs. Just tell them on the form that you don't have Rx coverage and ask your doc to sign it. Just him/her your financial situation. You can get the Patient Assistance forms on Just look up the name of medication and click on it to print application. Fill it out and mail it in and you'll get it free. You need acrobat reader on your computer to download the application. If you don't have it, there are instructions on the needy meds site to download it free.
    I am going through the same problem with a lot of my meds that aren't generic and the alternatives are not viable because some meds have no generic equivalent.
  6. segrin

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    I was prescribed Mobic last year and our insurance does not cover drugs so I ordered mine from Canada Pharmacy and got 100 pills for $75 they were the 7.5 mg you'll save hundreds of dollars ordering from Canada they have the same drugs their Mobic is called Meloxicam the site does convert the US name to their name. It was quick and easy to order. Hope this helps.
  7. scrappnmom

    scrappnmom Member

    How does that work, getting meds from Canada? I guess you still have to have a prescription don't you? Where do you go to check this out?

    Thanks everyone!

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