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    Hi there. My doc gave me Mobic to try. I have complained about pain for so long and have only been using Ultram or Ultracet. but since I figured out that Ultram was keeping me awake at night I don't take after about 3 in the afternoon. I have a lot of pain. I tried the Mobic and I thought that maybe in helped a little with the stiffness, but not the pain and in fact I thought the pain might be a little bit worse??????? Anyone out there know about this medicine and how it works and am I wasting my time. I wish I had some type of medicine that really took the pain away. I can't remember the last time I had no pain. It wears you down big time.
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    Mobic did help me at all neither did celebrex. If the Mobic doesn't work, you might ask your doctor if you can try Bextra. I don't remember what was different about this anti-inflammatory drug. I think there's some kind of difference in the compound of it. Don't quote me on it, but there is a difference my doctor said.

    Isn't it funny how drugs effect each of us. Ultram knocks me for a loop and I pass out. Lortab wires me.

    Hope you find one that works for you.

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    My husband is a Lupus patient and his Dr just prescribed Mobic for him but added 50 milgs of Atarax twice a day and it has helped him a lot with the pain.

    the Atarax helps keep the meds in your system longer ask your Dr to prescribe this for you .. it will make a good thing about the Atarax .. its very inexpensive I know so many drugs we take are not.


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    Thanks for the replies. I have tried Bextra - didn't seem to do anything. I will ask about atarax. Thanks again.