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    why and how boards are maintained
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    The moderators are around. They are very quick to delete posts that they don't agree with.
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    Just wanted to let you know that moderators are around, but I do think there is some misunderstanding about just what role we play. There are some of us who are members like you, living with various health conditions, who assist ProHealth when we are online and able to do so. We are volunteers. We use the site as a means of support and information like everyone else. There are also "moderators" who are ProHealth employees, who take care of issues and technical problems as they come up and as they can do(It has been pretty difficult I think since they changed the format and the software). There are some things that cannot be dealt with immediately, and not someone sitting by 24/7 to take care of things.

    I generally do not post much anymore because I got tired of being criticized, hurt and insulted with snarky, hateful comments, not seen as a regular person who needed support, only someone who was supposed to fix things or respond in a particular way. I live with FM, CFS, MS, OA and a long list of other problems, and I tend to just read and learn, take care of things as I can, and put in my two cents if I think it might be helpful.

    Anytime you have questions, please post them-and if they are not answered, post them again! Please never feel as though your questions are not valuable, they are. Make it ATTENTION MODERATOR if you think that will help, or make it attention to me-I do try to log on every day, but unfortunately I do not always make it. Also, you can email the question or comment to FORUMSUPPORT@PROHEALTH.COM. Just know I will do my best to answer, and if it is something I do not know I will do everything I can to find out an answer.

    I hope this helps, please take care!
    {{{{{{{{{soft hugs}}}}}}}}}

    P.S. It is not a matter of deleting posts we do not agree with, it is a matter of editing or deleting posts that are against the rules that each of us agreed to when we registered. Any of us who volunteer has any action we take approved and everything is documented. [This Message was Edited on 05/05/2009]
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    Thanks for volunteering your time. I appreciate it and I know many others on here do as well.

    This site is the most reliable support in my life. I have no where else to go where I find full understanding of what daily life is with these dd's and what it is to suspect that I may not have much of a future ahead of me. I believe this site has helped me survive and continue to survive without giving into the feelings of hopelessness that sometimes threaten to overwhelm me. The information is invaluable and the range and breadth of intelligence and wisdom on this board is amazing. There are some cranks ou there but there are always cranks. Sometimes I am a cranky old bag myself : )

    Without you and the other volunteers, as well as prohealth, this site would not be here and this would be a huge loss to many.

    Thank you so much for what you do.
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    Shall go unpunished, as the old saying goes. Having been a moderator, I know personally how thankless the job can be. The overwhelming number of members here are kind and thoughtful people but there are always a few who come to cause problems. Moderators have to deal with them and their posts.

    If one follows the rules,to which we all agreed when we registered, one has nothing to fear, or complain about, regarding our moderators. The employees of ProHealth have their hands full with keeping these boards up and running. The volunteer moderators are sick, just like the rest of us. They do their best, despite their health problems, to keep this a safe place for all of us.

    It can take longer to fix problems by posting about them here. It is far better, and faster, to e-mail ProHealth about problems with the board.

    Thank you moderators and ProHealth for providing the best resource for products, information, and places for us to share with others who understand our problems. Most of us appreciate the hard work you do. The complaining usually comes from those who do not respect the rules or other members' right to express their opinions. Again, thank you.

    Love, Mikie
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    There are a few simple ways of directly getting in touch with ProHealth, and you will receive a reply.

    It is quick, fast and they are efficient!!

    1 WAY ===== At the bottom of our screens there is a link for “EMAIL US”. It is in BLUE LETTERING. If you click on that link, from that menu you can pull down any option and send a message to ProHealth.

    2nd WAY ===== Email ProHealth directly. Use this address ------

    Again, they do get back to you.

    I agree, the role of the Moderators often is very mis-understood by some, which is a shame because they do need the same support system we come here for.

    You might be LUCKY enough to meet them in the Live Chat Rooms.

    I’ve always found them to be so kind, caring and they understand when we are feeling down because they have their own medical issues they live with on a daily basis.

    Our job as Members of the site here at ProHealth is to be just as supportive and understanding to the Moderators, as well as ALL ProHealth Staff, as we are to one another.

    Even when you call ProHealth directly to ask about vitamins, supplements, products ---- you may end up speaking to somebody who has the same condition as you do.

    That’s GREAT because they are very considerate when you can barely think clearly & they will even make recommendations on a product, if you ask them.

    Hope that helps.

    == Elaine
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  8. gapsych

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    Yes, a very tough job.

    Thanks to whomever bumped this post. It never hurts to be reminded.


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