Modern Medical Mayhem

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    I wanted to thank you so much for posting this link. It is exactly what has been on my mind for months, maybe longer. What exactly can doctors treat nowadays if it is of unknown origin? They can do wonders with heart disease and some cancers, but if it is not a glaring text book case of something, they either give you an antibiotic or nothing.

    Blood tests are expensive and if are abnormal, lead to more blood tests. There must be some kind of "under the table" agreement between PCP's and health care insurance providers, especially the ones that are "in network". PCP's want to send you to a specialist at the drop of a hat. Specialist know how to dump you quick. I really hate to put down doctors because there are some that are so intelligent and compassionate, but are victims of the "Big System".

    I often think back to my younger days when I was around older relatives, say in their mid fifties. They were much healthier than I am now for sure, and many of my contemporaries.

    Sometimes I think, well it is because they had to work harder and therefore were in better shape. But now, I believe the writings of the Modern Medical Mayhem. We have been exposed to so many drugs, vaccines and an antibiotic fed food supply, and all the farming chemicals that have poisoned the land and rivers.

    Houses were not so "tight" back then. They could breathe and so could we. Formalahyde didn't permeate the air. Mr. Dupont didn't have so many chemicals.

    I hate to sound so unappreciative of all that I have and all this good earth has given me, but things will have to change for future generations. People that have good health now, do so for sound reasons. Their genes are not susceptable to the viruses, chemicals and other toxins that we are.

    Is this a terrible example of Darwin's survival of the fittest that has started, and no one has realized it yet? Is our genetic makeup killing us? The current powers that be, meaning the NIH, the pharmaceuctical industry and congress are certainly not helping us. To help us they must first believe us. The pharmaceuctical companies would rather treat our symptoms with new unnatural chemical compounds.

    I take just about every supplement under the sun and just did an experiment. I stopped all of them for 5 days. I feel really terrible. Maybe I have come down with something, but I don't think so.

    I am really glad to have found this board. I am so sorry that my first post was so long and opinionated. I really was motivated by the article Woofmom.



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