mogadon/nitrazepam stage 2 sleep growth hormone

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    Just got a script for mogadon to help with my insomnia. After ggogling it i found studies that show it increases growth hormone levels but also showed it decreased stage1 and 3/4 sleep while increasing stage 2 sleep. I was always led to believe that growth hormone came from stage 3/4 sleep, this i found interesting.

    Would be interested in other people opinions on this sleep med, will be taking it tonight, have never really had good success with other benzo's like valium and tamaze. Doc said its stronger then tamaze and valium. Will only be using intermittently, my doc is also trying to get me some samples of seroquel for me to try as they are expensive so if they work will head down that road as have tried everything else benzo's, z-drugs and sedating antidepressants, evrything works but only for short periods. Just something else to interchange between to try and get good sleep.
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    I took 1 mogadon at 9pm last night and by 10 was somewhat relaxed but not in sleep mode at 1030 took another and by 11 was in a good sleep, woke to the alarm at 730am the last few hours were that light dreamy type sleep but still 8 and 1/2 hours. Valium and tamaz in the past did nothing for my sleep so abit suprised, now the trick is not to use them to much so i dont build a tolerance. These will be good for in between night shifts. a bonus is there cheap, especially after paying a fortune for antiviral famvir and lyrica for that matter.