Mold and Flu like symptoms. Anyone else have this experience?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by petesdragon, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. petesdragon

    petesdragon New Member

    The pipes under my sink have been leaking. My husband put a bowl under the drip instead of fixing it right. I couldn't remember to check it until the smell got so bad I couldn't take it anymore. I dumped the bowl but a lot of damage had been done. Knew my dh would not start the job if he had to remove the dish drainer, brushes etc, under there so I cleaned it out and used bleach water on the wood under the sink.Put a large dish pan under the leak. For the last five days I have been sweating, chilling, headache, neck ache, stomach ache, feel nauseated. Guess I should have worn a mask but don't think of stuff like that till it is too late. Others, have you had experiences with mold and this dd? Would a mask have helped? Is this all in my head?
  2. brneyedgrl

    brneyedgrl New Member

    I don't think this is in your head. I am currently

    dealing with a mold situation with my father in his

    basement home. He has been hospitalized three times within

    past month and we finally figured out it was because of the

    mold. He moved in with my sister for awhile and has had

    some great improvement and we are not in the emergency

    room every night getting steroid shots. My sisters and

    I are going to try to clean the mold up. I will be

    wearing a mask when I do this for mold also makes me

    sick. We contacted the health department which they in

    turn contacted the main office in our state and they

    said there was no need into testing for which type it is

    because they have recently found out that all molds cause

    health problems. Best of luck to you.

  3. tamsyn

    tamsyn Member

    My 19 yr old son is healthy and fit -- but last winter, felt like he had flu for months. He was exhausted, pale, headaches, aching etc. Finally, it was found that his place of work had a pipe leaking -- the walls were flled with black mold behind the drywall. Once all this was ripped out, my son felt completely better within days.
  4. fairydust39

    fairydust39 New Member

    It may also be the bleach!! I can't use bleach without rubber gloves and a mask b/c I'm allergic to the bleach and I'm sick for days afterward.(Even in a swimming pool) I'm also allergic to mold --so you need to ventilate your room, that has the mold. Maybe a fan in the window drawing out.That carries the mold spoors and bleach smell out of your house!

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