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    for those following the toxic mold route and reading the shoemaker book, Mold Warriors, some additional info is below. (if you don't know what i'm talking about, there is a good summary of shoemaker's theory on toxic mold as the cause of CFS on the website called BetterHealthGuy (and click on the "mold" section on the left side of hte home page)


    i asked my doctor's office to call dr shoemaker's office to get the info on how to do the nasal culture he recommends on his list of tests to do before you have a consult with him (shoemaker). i think he even says somewhere on his website or in his book that if you have this nasal staph issue, then you must address it first before you can address other issues re: mold and yr body.

    this is the info my doctor's office got from shoemaker's office:

    Subject: RE: doing nasal staph tomorrow: please call shoemaker?
    Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 16:17:24 -0400

    Hello Rivka,

    I spoke with Dr. Shoemaker’s office staff and they faxed over the procedure for obtaining “Deep Aerobic Nasal Culture”. They sent me a fax in regards to the procedure:

    “The purpose of this nasal culture is to swab the deepest recesses in the far back of the left side of your nose with a culturette. By rubbing the cotton swab against the back of your nose, we can identify the presence of unusual coagulase negative staph germs that are uncommonly found in anyone except those with low MSH. These germs must be identified by a lab that as the capability to do an API-STAPH isolation technique. Do not send this specimen for a “routine nasal culture;” a routine culture will never show the organism.

    It is very difficult to do a nasal culture on yourself but not impossible. Try to have a partner help you. Whoever is doing the culture will open the culturette and hold the swab by its pink cap end. The patient should be seated, with head held erect and chin parallel to the floor. The cotton swab is slowly and gently introduced into the left side of the nose, moving along the middle part of the nose. As the swab is introduced further, usually 2-3 inches, many patients will become uncomfortable. It is not unusual to see patients tearing, turning slightly red in the face, or withdrawing from the culture. Gently request the patient continue to breathe through open mouth, permitting swabbing of the far back wall of the nose for 3-5 seconds.”

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    Do you know how the nasal swab bacteria can prove mold exposure? Thanks.
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    hi all,

    i am still doing yasko/methylation protocol, too, but i'm also going the mold route.  

    shoemaker's info found here


    and he is the guru on mold (and also covers lyme). he says 24% of the the population has the "dreaded genotype" that does not let them detox mold or lyme. (he says, i think, that that is why antibiotics don't work for some folks with lyme who take abx for a long time.) 

    well, it ends up that i have that dreaded genotype. the so called "multi-susceptible gene." the test is called HLA DR.

    forebearance wrote a great thread on that test on this board called: "CFS / FM / Lyme: A Genetic Test that's Worth Taking"

    the info on the tests shoemaker recommends, to find out if you are one of these people, is here:

    (is it okay to post this info? if not, let me know and i'll get rid of it)

    on this link is a lab order sheet PDF, and that is where you find info on what tests to do and how to do them, but it is MUCH more complicated than all that, unfortunately. i had to call my doc's office, shoemaker, the labs, the lab blood drawing sites about 100 times to get them to do the right tests and handle the blood the right way (which i'm still not sure they did, re: centrifuge and shipping on ice). 

    the deep nasal test is one of the test listed. and somewhere shoemaker writes that *if* you have the API-Staph infection in yr nose, you need to address that before you can deal with all the other mold and detox issues.

    separately, but related, i'm about to try "extreme mold avoidance" -- leaving home for 2-3 weeks, no items from my home with me. to see how i do when i return. but that is dangerous, because i could switch from CFS symptoms to extreme mold reactions whenever i'm in the presence of toxic mold. not good either. then i can't be in my home, can't pack up my belongings, etc, without a respirator and hazmat suit. sound crazy? yes! i have no idea if this is true, but it has been with dragonslaya and forebearance (from this immunesupport list and from "CFS United", where we are all on the "mold chronicles" subgroup.) (is it okay to post these lists names? if not, just tell me and i'll get rid of them!)

    my mom says shoemaker has good videos on his site (him explaining things). i have yet to watch them. 

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    Thank you for sharing that info, Rivka! It is really helpful.

    That is the one test Dr. Shoemaker recommends that I haven't had done yet.

    I think Ulala, that it often shows the presence of MARCONS (a kind of staph infection) in people with low MSH. And people get low MSH from being poisoned with neurotoxins. So having these microbes in your nose is one of the signs that you have Lyme/Mold Toxins/Ciguatera, etc. poisoning.

    If I'm remembering correctly, there are 24% of people who have trouble elminating mold toxins, but not all of them have the "dreaded genotype". I wonder what percentage of people have that multi-susceptible genotype. Anyway, I think it's a subgroup of the 24%.

    The videos on are good, but only if you've already read "Mold Warriors". If you haven't read it yet, then I am afraid the videos would be confusing. Dr. Shoemaker assumes you know what he's talking about, it seems to me.

    Good for you for looking into toxic mold, Jam! As Rivka mentioned, it takes guts to look into it, because if you have the problem and you decide to do something about it, it can cause some major re-structuring of your life. But then who wants to spend their life being poisoned, either???? And some people have been greatly helped by avoiding toxic mold.