me and the family sick because of mold??

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    I have a question about black mold. We live in a old farm house (we rent), the front room (mud room) when we enter the house and drop or shoes, etc. This room has leaked from the first winter we moved in. The landlord never does anything but get someone out there the clear off the ice build up in the winter, and if it leaks in the summer, he always tells us he will have someone come take a look. Which he has but apparently nothing to date has helped.

    We really can't afford to move, but we will figure it out if anyone can tell me anything about the symptoms.

    Within the last months my family has experienced flu like symptoms that never really go away. I in fact had to do to the doctors because when I cant take my pain meds, etc, due to throwing up and the nausea.

    I would of just though it was the flu but I have been on a course of sick about 3-4 days with the flu like symptoms...well better for about 3-5 days and I go back to being ill again:(

    My daughter who suffers from anxiety has been much worst this past few week.

    Both my girls have complained about headaches...almost daily. My husband who is out of the house the most does not have as mnay complaints.

    The first room in sheet rock....and paneling over that. I know 100% that the water in going under the paneling because I can see it and it is warped. The soaks into the wood floor and whatever is under that because there are so many leaks the whole floor would be covered in buckets.

    My sil and daughter who live in the upper stairs apartment said while moving the furniture around banged the couch to close to the wall and it made a whole in the wall, he said behind the wall, the sheet rock is covered in mold.

    But could we have moved here a year ago and not feel much different until now? Thanks for reading this, I hope it make sense because I'm not sure I understand what I am tring to say!

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    No I haven't called, to be honest I didn't think there was anyone to call except maybe some private contractors. Would I just tell them the things going on...and can you be evicted if you call the health department??

    Thanks again,
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    Mold and black mold can made you very, very sick. Google it on the internet and read up about it.

    I didn't read all of the other responses, because it's 4:00 am in the morning now and I'm getting ready to go to bed, but if they are also suggesting that you check your legal rights as a tenant and what the landlord has to do to fix this problem, I agree with them. Check with your local health department, or a local legal aid attorney. Hopefully, one of them could help you.

    If not, I would start saving your money to move. That is the best answer -- get out of that apartment! It will make everyone in your family sick! Just ask your doctor the next time you are there.
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    Thanks for the responses.....and I will take all the advice I can on this subject:) My family and especially me have been sick off and on all amazing to me I didn't think about the problem with mold until the leak started again this winter. Perhaps wishful thinking on my part that there was another explanation.

    Slammed I remember many of mold warriors posts about mold, do you remember him/her?? I hope I can find some old posts....unless his account was deleted.

    Again thanks for the help.....I will share all this information with my DH, and make some phone calls.


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