MOLD issue is getting worse

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by doxygirl, Feb 14, 2007.

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    It seems all we see is information on how lethal mold is to our health.................then why, I ask won't anyone help me?

    I truly believe if I had not gotten those mold tests and performed them myself I could be dead right now!

    The last few months I was at my work place I was getting so ill that it was hard for me to sit up! I was a mess! I had dizziness, vertigo, stomach pain and nausea,headaches, trouble swallowing,wheezing, etc etc!

    Now that the tests have been performed STILL no one will help me!

    I have gone to a lawyer..........that referred me to another lawyer...........and that lawyer called me back and referred me to yet another who now says they do not handle NON insured mold cases!

    My problem s employer broke the law and did NOT have workers compensation insurance!

    I cannot get anyone to listen to me or to help me!

    I haven't even been able to have medical treatement for this as of today! That is because my employer refused to tell me where I could go or what to do! Since she has NO workers compensation ins! My personal physician says this is now work related and can't do workers comp!

    The building owners are calling me constantly telling me they want to go into the building to bleach it! I don't want them to bleach anything because we all know that what they really want to do is remove the evidence!

    Iam at my witts end! I need to get medical treatment......and some help getting the building condemned, and proof of the contamination that was literally killing me!

    Not to mention I now have NO job and NO income because of deadly MOLD!

    I guess NO lawyers and NO medical personal are willing to help me since there is NO money involved !

    The school owner is the one at fault for breaking the law and not having workers comp ins and the landlord is responsible for not repairing the roof THREE years ago and the building has leaked and become toxic as a result !!!!!!!!

    SO, why am I being ignored and left in the dark NO ONE will help me!

    I am open to any suggestions or opinions as to what I can do next!

    I have called OSHA, health dept, building and safety.......lawyers etc NO ONE cares!

    I apologize for being repetative in this post Iam just so upset and frustrated!


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    I do indeed live in California and there is a state agency U.E.F. the state should pay me my workers compensation wages and then will go after the school owner!

    The problem is I NEED medical treatment and.....this thing with the state could take weeks maybe even months ...........I also am concerned if there is permanant damage to me physically which I believe is very likely what do I do for that?

    Thanks for the responses!
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    BUT..................when it looks like there is no money to be made they DON'T want to help!

    The owners of the building ( not the owner of the school ) should be held responsible for the health damages this mold has caused me since they were negligent for THREE years in NOT repairing the roof which for those THREE years leaked each and every time it rained!

    This company is enormous and I don't see why in the world any attorney would shy away from this case?

    I guess I should continue to try .............maybe I should hire Erin Brokovich? LOL

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    So if they try to clean it you have proof.try calling the Governor and explain what you are going through .He very well might help move things along also he just might make sure that the fines are imposed.

    Mole is nothing to fool around with.Get those pictures taken so you have that evidence you will need latter down the road.

    Good luck PS: You say this is a school what about others that are there are they sick?Are there children involved ?
    If there are they should move fast to fix you and the building.
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