MOLD-- please help!!!!

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    tho because my son has chronic Lyme, his GP had no problem in prescribing it for him... even tho my son had to go to an LLMD to get treatment initially (well, 3.5 years of it...)

    good luck... many doctors will read referenced materials. If the bibliography is good, they're usually willing to give something a try.

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    I have severe congestion and cough that produces psychedelic colored mucus, constant headaches, a sore throat, severe exhaustion (I always feel like I am trying to walk through jello), constipation, worsening of my fibro symptoms, excessive sweating (which cymbalta made worse but has leveled out to pre cymbalta levels) 65lb weight gain >12 months, my bp has gone up, and a bunch of other things I can't remember b/c it also makes my brain slower than a tomato on an unplugged treadmill.

    I haven't found anything that really works. I have to force myself to get anything done. I have a couple of articles and a book in pdf format that the mold inspector gave me. If you'd like me to send them to you send me an email at 7mouths24feet at gmail. This actually goes for anyone who would like these articles and book.

    I'm currently looking for yet another specialist as my ENT doesn't think there is anything else he can do for me.
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    well the walking through jello thing, i can CERTAINLY relate to. I feel sooo exhausted lately, that I completely understand how that feels. It's interesting that some people have different symptoms, mine are more neurological, which I never imagined could be this bad... I'm actually going to a doctor who specializes in mold and environmental illnesses, so we'll see what happens.
    do you think the articles actually help you?? I just want something to make me FEEL better, I'm just so upset lately, my world basically just crashed and came to a hault. i was doing SO amazing. I miss my job, i miss everyone there, i miss my friends, it's changed me as a person.. i just feel like i can't even carry a conversation.. it's the hardest thing i think i've ever had to go through, healthwise atleast, for sure.

    hopefully there's an answer out there..
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    I'm so glad you got out of that building!

    I'm sorry this is so hard. I wish there were better treatments for it. Dr. Shoemaker used to do telephone consults with any kind of doctor who you were working with. Maybe he still does them. Check his website if you are interested.

    Really, mold avoidance has been the main thing that has helped me. I take soluble fiber, because it does the same thing cholestyramine does in a gentler way, and I take a bunch of other stuff. But mold avoidance had to come first. I had to get new stuff.

    You aren't alone. There are lots of people who understand how bad you are feeling.

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    I am so very sorry about the mold situation and your health. After a water intrusion, there has to be professional mold remediation. You did the right thing by removing yourself from the mold. Exposure to toxins is often a triggering event for our illnesses. Once triggered, we don't always recover right away or even at all. Most of us have survived, and recovered from, numerous events only to be brought down by a "final straw" event from which we can not recover. I don't mean to sound so doom and gloom here but most of us can look back and find something which triggered our illnesses full blown. I hope that by removing yourself from exposure that you will recover. Take good care of yourself. I am sending up a prayer for you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Aw Mikie thank you so much, that means the world to me. It's just not easy to understand and accept when I look at everyone else around me and they're all just living their amazing lives with no worries. I don't remember what that feels like... and I thought I was getting close to it, but I just took 100 more steps back that I was NOT prepared for. I really hope that there is recovery from this sometime soon..

    Forebearance, I'm definitely trying to avoid it as much as possible, I haven't been to the office in about 2 1/2 weeks, which is a good start. The only thing that concerns me is we MAY have mold in our house, and I think that could be why I don't feel better (although I wasn't sensitive to it before if we even do). What kind of soluble fiber do you take? Just a supplement?

    Thanks so much for both of your feedbacks. I can't tell you what the support means to me right now.
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    Have you applied for unemployment yet?

    Also, I was thinking you could go to a naturopath and go on a detox since you are no longer in the environment and see if that helps. I have wanted to do this many times but I know that it will be a waste of money for me since I am still in my house.

    I think I have probably mentioned using a netipot, but not sure and reading through everything is too much for me right now. I find that for the most part, when I use my sinus rinse (Neil Med) with 2 packets and a few drops of grapefruit seed extract before I leave the house I feel much better over all and function like a real human.

    I'm sorry I can't be more helpful as I am stuck in my sick house.
  8. Forebearance

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    I take Benefiber, but there are lots of kinds of soluble fiber out there. It's all over the counter. Phytosterols are stronger and also available over the counter, usually at a health food store. Cholestyramine is the strongest and is a prescription. Those things can help you once you get away from the mold toxins.

    Please check out your house for mold. It could be keeping you sick. Or as Lisa said, it could be that your possessions are keeping you sick.

    One of the dumbest things I did, before I found out I was being poisoned by mold, was to keep the same pillow I had been using since first getting sick! I can't believe I didn't think to change my pillow.

    Hang in there,
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    You are absolutely right, and i definitely haven't made a major effort to change sheets, pillows, or anything like that - so thank you for the reminder. I plan on getting the house checked, and am trying to eat as healthy as possible! Hope that something will contribute to me feeling better. I'm going to look into soluble fiber as well.
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    Kat I'm SO happy you said that the Sinus Rinse (neil med) helped, because i actually went to an Environmental Doctor who specializes in mold & illnesses related to work environments, and she ended up giving me the sinus rinse. I have grapefruit seed extract and have been putting it in my water 3x a day (15 drops each), so i'm hoping some of that will help also.

    I've been seeing a holistic doctor who has given me some meds to help detox, but unfortunately I'm not feeling much different at all. I know i have to stick with it and stay positive, but might have to go back and see if there's anything else he can give me.

    Really appreciate your help so much!
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    People without our problems take their health for granted and it's so easy to envy their energy and ability to live their lives more fully. And yes, even when we've worked and clawed our way back, something unforeseen can trip us up and we start over again. Thing is that we do gain more knowledge each time and it helps us to recover faster without having to start over from ground zero. So take heart, Sweetie, and know that you did the right thing and that with rest, you will get better again.

    Love, Mikie
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    I've heard alot about Infrared Saunas, and am considering trying a few sessions, it's supposed be really good with mold and should help get rid of the toxins.. has anyone had any results with this in general?? I would love to know.

    Mikie-- thanks so much. The one thing i do know is that I would never take my life for granted again, and health is SO important. The little things in life are the things we are SO lucky to have... and life itself is a gift, if you are lucky enough to enjoy it.. I hope I will get there again some day, and I hope you do too (along with everyone else dealing with this horrible illness). I would never wish this on my worst enemy. Best wishes :)
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    So it's been about 3 weeks since I left my job, I haven't been in the office since then. I am not feeling ANY better, whatsoever, the only thing that has stopped are the migraines. Other than that im SO exhausted, and probably more exhausted if anything, still dizzy, having serious memory issues, feel so out of it, and am feeling really discouraged :( I've been going to a holistic doctor who i'm hoping ill help me, have been drinking a ton of immune boosting tea's, which normally make me feel AMAZING (not this time), eating super healthy...... I'm just starting to wonder if maybe there's something else causing me to feel this way??

    Is there ANY test that I can take that will confirm that I have some sort of fungal infection, or that this is all being caused by mold?

    I really need some answers, and have been going to so many doctors that really just don't know what to tell me. PLEASE HELP!!
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    I think I remember you saying something about the ENT you saw saying they didn't do sinus cultures. Have you seen a new one? If not you should call around and find one that will. Also look for one that will also do a blood test for mold specific antibodies.
  15. Svette_Palme

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    Sorry to hear about your mold and related health problems.

    I have to agree with caroleye - Ozone and other oxygen treatments will help a lot to kill the mold in your home [if you brought it home with you, which is pretty likely].

    I had a guy come and do a mobile home I was renting a few years ago. He used liquid oxygen in a machine that turned it into ozone, and it made that trailer smell fresh as a daisy. It kills all mold forms I believe.

    I have since got hold of an ozone machine, like a little air purifier. I don't know if you can buy them anymore in the USA or Canada. It helps to keep the mold down in my dumpy old apartment where I live now. I can smell the mildew when I come home after being away for a few days... so it has not killed it under the floors and so on but at least it makes the air better in there.

    There is also H2O2, which you can spray onto surfaces that won't matter if they bleach a bit, and you can put some in your wash to kill mold on clothes. I use it on my hair to turn it a lighter color, and to take away scalp itch [do this when your hair is wet, like after a shower]. I spray it in the shower stall and under the sink and it does a great job of whitening the countertops. Just be aware that it will bleach almost anything a whiter color.

    As for your old job, it might be an idea to ask your former coworkers to band together to protest those conditions in your old office. There might be several who have just not said anything, and some who don't know what is bothering them [you might be helping some of them understand why they are not feeling well!!].

    Good luck. I know it must be disappointing to be so close to being cured and then have all this come back.

  16. babyk902

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    omg, you have NO Idea how frustrating it is, because i was doing SO unbelievably good, my life was finally started to feel normal and i was LOVING my job and everything, until this just came out of nowhere. but today I decided to buy the mold test kits (you can buy them from lowes/home depot), and I'm gonna put some in my house -- i'm just started to think that maybe I'm not getting better because there's mold in this house?? If i do, then I wil have to have an oxygen machine put on, or some sort of air purifier or SOMETHING.
    Also another thing that I started was an infrared sauna treatment - I did two sessions already and am going to continue doing it 2x a week - 30 minutes each. Hopefully will be feeling a little bit better eventually, I'm just really bummed that I feel as bad as I did 5 years ago, maybe even worse, and it's taken me SO long to come this far. I was doing so amazing...
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