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    Iam devastated!

    I have suspected for two years now that my work place was infested with mold and I was right!

    I have been getting very ill every single day at work.......for two years now..........I just didn't know how to prove it or exactly what to do..........finally I was getting so sick that I started making phone calls!

    Talk about "passing the buck"! Every person I called told me to call another .....I called OSHA, I called health dept, I called code enforcemnt etc!

    NO one cares! Finally I decided to go to the local home depot and buy a mold test kit myself........I put them out last sunday which is now day five.........and the tests came back saturated with black mold!

    I set them out on the carpet where no one bothered you know it must be bad if they were in desolate areas and they came back so strong!

    Now things are crazy! The landlord is saying that we never reported suspecting mold! The truth is that for three years now our building has leaked and flooded our building!
    They have never repaired the leaky roof correctly!

    The last flood was in Oct and I called and told her I was sick and that I was fairly certain it was due to mold!

    I do not think that it is my responsibility to be a mold tester, or to even have to figure this out.Iam the victim here I was so sick and now I have the answers..but it looks like they are going to try to nblame it all on me when I am just the employee there?

    I don't know what to do I file for workmans comp? My DR won't file disability since this is work make matters worse my boss who is the owner of my school ( but not the owner of the building ..she leases it ) was questioning me why I wasn't at work the last two9 days after I found the mold!
    Can you believe that?

    I don't think she is going to pay me for the the time I can't work until they abate the building.........and I can't afford not to gt paid also I don't feel like I should be having to worry about my paycheck when the mold is not my problem??????

    Also.........I have no idea the extent of health issues this has created permanetly.............

    any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated."oh" I did try to call a referral service to find a lawyer to advocate for me and the lady was so rude.she said " this is hard to prove and it is going to be exspensive"! real positive huh?

    Thanks for listening and for any help!
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    to hear all this and no one will help. This seems so always happen to me, so believe me, I understand. My only suggestion is to call again/write letters to all the people that you contacted. OSHA, Board of Health, Landlord, your Boss, ect..... as soon as you can. If your Dr. will not treat you for your illness, then I would suggest go to your nearest Hospital Emergency Room. The law is they must treat everyone that walk in. Don't even worry about any bills, just get help.

    Call again for another lawyer referral or look in the Yellow Pages. If you have anyone that could possibly help you, ask them.

    Is anyone else sick from the mold? What are your symptoms that you are experiencing?

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    Jeff May wrote "My House is Killing Me," and is the expert on mold issues. He and his wife run May Indoor Air Investigations, you can find their number/email on the web. He checked out our house last year; he will definitely know how to advise you.

    Hope this helps. Good for you for pursuing it.

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    Wow! bless your heart..It sure makes me wonder, when I became ill now 20 years ago we were living in an apartment that leaked all the way from top floor to bottom. It was getting in outside and the water was traveling down the walls and coming out the windows. We didn't see mold growth but it had to be in there with all the water damage and lack of ventilation. Interesting. Sure wish we would have made ourselves do what you did and test it out!

    God bless you and Hugzzzzzzz Dee
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    I had the same thing happen where I worked several years ago. The roof had been leaking and when they finally sent someone out to repair it, the drain for the air conditioning was hooked into the ventilation system instead or run outside the building. So as soon as the AC starting coming on it blew mold into our offices.

    Several of us got sick, but no one else would report it out of fear of losing their job. So I filed a Worker's Comp report and tried to get the health department out to test the type of mold. They refused, saying it was a private business and they would only test public places. I wish I had gotten one of the petri dish tests and collected the spores for testing by a could see the mold growing the the library on books and blueprints.

    The worker's comp doc said my illness was mold-related and did some blood tests for different types of mold, but I had no antibody response. However he also tested for latex (I have severe latex allergy) and that came up negative, too, so he said I had a different type of reaction than their test could pick up on. He wrote a statement that I was not to work in the building.

    The owners still wouldn't fix the problem so I quit and was never able to get any compensation. It's probably not a bad idea to file the claim just to document that you were reacting, but without the testing to show that it was a toxic mold, you really don't have a case for damages.

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    I was glad to see Extreme Home Makeover feature a family affected by mold. The father died from mold exposure and the products used to build the new house were specially formulated to minimize mold growth.

    At least America got to see how dangerous mold can be -

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