mold toxicity question

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  1. ksl25

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    has anyone ordered a do-it-yourself test?

    i want my office building tested, but i feel like i'll have to do it myself for 2 reasons:

    make sure that it really gets done
    see the results for myself.

    any advice where online to find one? and not spend a fortune?
  2. AllWXRider

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    If you display a lack of trust to an employer, that doesn't help you at all.

    Get to know the building engineer or maintenance tech. My dad is a retired building engineer. The main source for most complaints is the air conditioning coil drain pan. It never, ever drains completely. This goes for homes too.

    Now when we switch to the heating season, the heat helps ferment the soup. Buildings often produce so much heat by themselves that the AC will run during the winter. Be friendly and just ask. Maybe he'll even show you the drain pan, but its never spotless.

    The industrial fix is to drop a chlorine tablet or two into the drain pan to bleach out the bad stuff.

    You can also get your own HEPA air filter for next to your desk. They have a carbon prefilter for grabbing smells too.

    Also, ionizers grab particulate matter like an old TV set. Notice how the dust collects on the screen. They also produce a little ozone which is a great distinfectant.