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    After reading some old posts about mold, I have a few questions. Is all mold toxic or symptom causing? How do you go about having yourself or your house tested? Is everybody allergic to mold or do you have to be allergic to have ill affects from exposure?

    I know I have mold in my house - I can see it around my windows & I've had mushrooms growing in my DR where my sliding doors leak.

    I was in CT visiting friends for a week & noticed I felt a bit better there & a lot worse when I got back home - just a thought as I was trying to figure out why. Thanks for any input.AMY
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    I was just wondering about mold too. We have an older trailer and I'm pretty sure there is mold in unseen places. I think I'll call the health department and ask them how to test for it.
    Someone told me that my home owners insurance might pay to get it fixed but no such luck. I just ollked it up in my policy and its not covered.
    So my question is if the mold is at a dangerous level and you still owe on your home, what are you supposed to be able to do?
  3. amymb74

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    Was it the sick building syndrome? I read a bit about that too. But, were those people sick just while they were in these moldy areas or all the time? I will do more research online I just figured I'd post the question because you guys always have so much info & personal exp. with these things!
    Cindy - if you do find a way to have your trailer tested can you please post the info? I saw some test you can order online for $250. but I would'nt go for something like that. A friend of mine' s husband does water testing so I am going to see if he knows anyone who deals w/this too. AMY
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    get this online screening done? I was just reading about it - kind of strange but I guess I've done some pretty strange things since this mess of an illness started! Thanks for the info. AMY
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    above is one site....

    Most aspects of chronic trichothecene mycotoxicosis are consistent with CFS, including the symptoms, laboratory findings and recovery profile. It is suggested that further research is warranted to determine if a subgroup of patients diagnosed with CFS are actually suffering from mycotoxicosis.

    On a web search type in MYCOTOXICOSIS
    For a lot more info..........Susan

    EDITED TO ADD MORE ON THIS:(Dr. Dave Holland is the co-author, with Doug Kaufmann, of the new book, "The Fungus Link, Volume 2." Inside this follow-up to their book "The Fungus Link," you'll not only learn about the dangers of antibiotics. You'll also learn about the ins and outs of natural and prescriptive antifungals. Additionally, Doug and Dave share with you the role fungi and their mycotoxins play in what are unfortunately everyday diseases such as prostatitis, ear-nose-throat disorders, weight problems (including obesity and anorexia), autoimmune diseases, hormonal disorders, neurologic diseases, hair loss, and eye problems.
    go to:

    There are endless info on and read Susan[This Message was Edited on 03/03/2006]
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    Call your county mold expert; that's what I did when Hurricane Charley damaged our roof and I had water damage in my condo ceiling and walls.

    Fortunately for me, the roof had a quick repair and the moisture dried out. The mold expert told me that there are likely spores still in the ceiling in a latent state and that I should never allow humidity in my unit. The spores can come alive under certain conditions.

    I am allergic to all mold and am very careful to keep everything clean in the bathroom. I wipe down the shower stall after every shower.

    Love, Mikie
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    I think we have more trouble with mold than you think. I know I'm sensitive to it and my little grandaughter has a mold allergy and lives in the woods with moisture and mold on windows. She is miserable. Poor thing.

    Do you have The Fungal Link? Ive been looking for it. He is very good, heard him on tv once. I have Candida and want to take Nystatin but am afraid of it. Its not natural.

    Thanks and God Bless
  8. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    Thank you everyone for great mold information.

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