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    has anyone been told that working in a mold infested building can lead to FM? Just curious, just newly diagnosed, and my mom bought up the mold thing. Worked in a building with mold for almost a year, and guess what, same time I really starting having problems. Haven't mentioned this to my dr. yet, but will in April.
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    Hi lynncats,

    Yes, I have been told that working in a mold infested building can lead to FM.

    Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker believes this and wrote about it in his book "Mold Warriors".

    He also has a website, which gives you a taste of his theory that FM and CFS are caused by the neurotoxins produced by some species of mold, the Lyme bacteria, or a few other sources.

    It makes a lot of sense to me.

    There aren't a lot of doctors who know about this new theory, but you can arrange for a phone consultation between your doctor and Dr. Shoemaker.

    I tried moving out of my apartment, which had a spot of mold in it, and starting over with new stuff in a new place, and I feel significantly better from my CFS.

    I'm sorry you had this happen to you. I hope you find this message board to be a source of help and hope.


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    Forebearance, thank you so much for the info. I will share it with my rheumy on my next appt., in April. I worked in the "sick building" for 1 year, and that is when all this uckey stuff hit me. Not sure how to prove it (I lost my job due to health problems, and am now paying back the unemployment that was originally given to me, they said I missed to much work, well duh.), as the company moved to Lakeland from Tampa. Tampa is where I worked, but not sure if the building is still there, they were modular buildings. but boy, I can't thank you enough. Hope you are having a good day!!

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    I wonder if it depends on the person. If a stresser can cause FM, mine was a broken arm, for some people mold could be the stresser.

    I had a slight mold problem for a while and which was resolved but did not bother me. However, I do get a reaction to dust. Go figure.

    When I was teaching years before this DD, I was working in a room which they discovered had a mold problem. We had been complaining of the mildew odor for several years. There was a retaining wall on the outside of the wall where my desk was. Evidently water, was, well, retained, LOL, and that was causing the mildew. The leaking roof did not help.
    I did not get allergy symptoms, but many of my students did as well as some teachers who had severe allergies.

    I have been planning on reading "Mold Warriors".

    Take care.
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    hey gap, it is quite interesting isn't it. when I worked in the "sick building" I was constantly blowing my nose, it seemed to always run. Never had the problem before the "sick building". I can't wait to mention this to my rheumy next month. It's crazy how FM targets people. Thanks for sharing your info. Take care!! Lynncats
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    Yes, considering your past experiences, gap, you might find "Mold Warriors" interesting.

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    In 2004 I worked in a modular building, and every morning when I arrived, I would start sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, just feeling uckey. The people I worked with would always say, darn girl, you must have allergies. Well one day, I heard some people saying there was mold in the building. Went to my dr. and she prescribed clarinex. Well I lost my job, due to missing work from feeling like crap (I worked in this building thru a temp service). Tried for unemployment, got it, then they took it away, stating something to the effect that I missed to much work, unnecessarily. I am still trying to pay back unemployment. This was all in 04. From then I was getting worse, body aches, like the darn flu. Dr. after Dr. appts., blood work, you name it. Well finally in feb. '09 I found a good rheumy, and she dx. FM. My mother mentioned the mold thing, so when I go back to rheumy in April I will ask her about it. I'm wondering if there is a way to prove that maybe the mold thing has something to do with triggering my FM (if so would love to not pay what is left for me to pay to unemployment)

    most days are awful, pain, pain and more pain, aches, crying spells, depression, irritable.

    I also have the beginning of emphesema, degen. disc disease, diverculitis, now I may have a circulation problem, going to vascular surgeon this week. Also have what they think is livido retecularis, my legs look awful, especially in the thigh area. Looks like red/splotcy spider webs. I'm sure I'm leaving some things out, but my mind isn't like it used to be.

    Well enough of my problems, I sure hope things are looking better for you, i'm really glad i found your comment. Take care and thanks for listening.

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    Hi Lynncats,

    Were you talking to me in this last post? If so, I'm really sorry to hear about all your problems. Your situation sounds very hard. Imagine having to pay back your unemployment! Geez.

    One of the things that I found most interesting about Dr. Shoemaker's neurotoxin theory is that he found out that a person's genes determine how much s/he is affected by mold toxins. He found that most people will get well when they leave a place that has toxic mold in it. But 24% of people stay sick, even after leaving the building or no longer working there. It's because their bodies can't recognize and eliminate the mold toxins inside them.

    After I read this, and felt like mold could be at the root of my CFS, I was eager to get the genetic test to find out if I was naturally susceptible to mold toxins. It turned out I was.

    Things are looking better for me. I hope you find some treatments that will be helpful to you!


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    forebearance, yes, but I'm so new at this board, sometimes I get confused as how to use it.. But anyway, thanks for responding. Paying back unemployment is now more than ever upsetting me. but what to do......

    I really need to read more up on this Dr. Shoemaker, I've seen a bunch of people talking about him. Like I said this whole "FM" thing is new to me. So regarding testing, do I just ask my rheumy to test for mold after all these years, 04' is when I was exposed.

    So glad to hear things are good. Once again, THANKS!!

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    Hi Lynn,

    Yes, I recommend reading all of Dr. Shoemaker's website,

    This page here lists the basic tests that Dr. S. uses to diagnose people:

    On this page you can download a document that lists which lab to use for each test:

    Your doctor just has to agree to order the correct tests for you, and then you're all set.
    If you happen to have a genetic susceptibility to mold toxin, you will still show signs of being poisoned after all these years. Your immune system will show that it's still upset in certain specific ways.

    And the genetic test, the HLA-DR by PCR, is a huge clue as to which neurotoxin is bothering you. In your case you are pretty sure it's mold already, but it's nice to have confirmation.

    It is really worth reading "Mold Warriors", even though it is a long slog.

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    Yes, you can get a variety of health problems from working in a moldy building. For more information, go to
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    While people may appreciate your information, many of us here have difficulty going through all the old posts before getting to yours. So many may not make it down to your post.

    You might want to write your own post, if you already haven't. I think more people will get your information this way.