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    I feel so drained and exhusted by all that has gone on during the past few days. MOm was hemmoraging on saturday and didn't really know it. She had a lower GI bleed and her blood was so thin that she was almost gone, WE had teh EMT's take her to the hosptial and she spent sat, sunday, monday in the ICu and monday afternoon she went to the floor to stay for the night and came home on tuesday.

    she had a colonscopy and they didn't really find anything that was bleeding ,but with her on coumidian for blood clots she could have taken a extra pill or 2 or the doctor could have read the tests wrong . They did find a polip but it is benign and was very small, she could have had a ditervituli that was irratated and was bleeding and with the whole blood and the Fresh frozen plasma {4 units of each} and the shot of vit. K could have stoppped her bleeding .

    The doctor said some thing about her blood being so thin that is could have just bleed from her bowels because she has ditertiluosis and it could have gotten worse. I really don't get all of what i have been told and most of it does notmake any scense to me. How can you just bleed so much and not have any reason for it?

    It was not the most plesant of time with family either as my sister and my BIL were drunk when they came and made a lot of trouble for the staff and were just rude and should not have been there in that condtition as it really upset my mom and the staff at the ER too so they were asked to leave 5 times and finally they got the message.

    But my sister kept telling me that she didn't want HER mom to die. And SHE can't cope with her mom being sick. What makes her think that I can cope with it? I don't have the luxuery to not cope and deal with it. MOM was upset and scared and out of it and didn't know what was going on .

    And someone had to fill out her papers and history and what meds she takes and who her doctors are, And you guessed it it is ME. I right now have the medical power of atterney but mom wasnts my borther to have it as she does not think I could tell the doctors to not put her on a breathing machine or tell them to put a DNR on her but I was telling them what she wanted all the times she has been in the hospital and I did it this time too. So I have talked to her and told her that it is not smart to have my brother as she is here and he is 3 hours away and if she were to not to be breathing I would not have the power to tell them not to put her on life support.

    So I have asked her to put both of us as on that section of medical power of atterney so that if something happend here and she was having p roblems breathing or something sudden that it was going to make her have to be on life support to not do it as she does not want that.

    IF she got cancer and was in a coma and the doctors wanted to assit her breathing she does not want that and in that case my cbrother could come and tell them that she does not want this or that done but most of the time when she is sick and in the hosptial he does not come here to see her or help do any thing with her care.

    Any way she is better and is at home and really tired. But it will take time for her blood count to get up to normal and she has to go back on the blood thinners so that she does not get blood clots.
    So al is well for now and I am drained and so tired that I want to scream but i can't it would do no good for me.

    Thanks for all the prayers and for all your concern for me and for her. I thank you for your support in all this.
    I am going to go take a hot bath and go to bed as I am so tired.
    HUGs to all,
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    i think maybe you guys just need to do a living will and trust and she can make all of own decisions in writing so that you kids don't have to feel any guilt of if you did the right thing for mom....remember the lady that had a bicycle accident from floirda and the parents were keeping her alive on respirator and she was married...the hubby wanted her off and the parents were fithting it all the way because the beleivd she was not brain dead...husband won to take her off...she died shortly afterwards...and autopsy confirmed she was brain dead.....

    anyways maybe you guys need to draw up the paperwork and have it notorized and you all will be clear on her last request if it is to come to that some day.....


    plus i think there is some papers che can file with the hosipatl

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