Mom is home adn I am starting to flare and have a headache

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    My life is beginning to return to it's normal life style. As on tuesday morning I brought my mom home from the hospital. She is recovering quite well after having a lower GI bleed. { During the colonsocopy they found a small polip which is benign but could not find the reason for all the bleeding.} I was told that while on blood thinners they can sometime quickly change and the blood gets so thin that it just ozzes and that could have been what happened .
    But as far as having a cancer or a sore there was nothing like that. So she is home and is very tired all the time and is weak from the blood loss. She did end up having 4 units of whole blood and 4 of the fresh frozen plasma. But her crit is still low and it will take up to 6 weeks to get her blood built back up to where it should be.

    I feel like I am beginning to flare. I Have had the headache from hades all week, I don't know if it is left over from the junk I had like the nasty cough is. { I still haev spells where I cough and feel like i am coughing up my lungs and will taste blood after coughing so hard NOT FUN}

    I wnet to see my pain doctor for the monthly vist and he was out of town so I saw his nurse and really liked her. She was really dilligent in finding out all that is going on with me. She said that the stress of this hospital thing with mom will most likly set off a flare so that I should get more rest and not over do things when I am the one that is helping my mom get to the doctors appointments and to do her errands

    .She asked me to rate my pain for the past few months and when I thought about it I had to say that it is usually abouta 6 or 7. She felt that it was to high for the meds

    I am on. MScontin 100 mg x5 , MSIR 30 mg x4, soma, 350 x m 10 bedtime,xanax 1 mg x2. So she wanted to up the MScontin from the 100 mg to the next level which is 200 mg and to use it 3 x a day but I really didn't have a good feeling about it . What if it was too much and I could not function?

    So she gave me the 100 mgs and I am to take 2 3 times a day. I did ht at for 2 days and I had thought I had a headache before this but taking the 200mg of this MScontin was giving me the worst headache and it was one of those nasty ones that make you sick. So I called the pharmacy and asked them if my headache was from the increased dosage and the pharmisist said that it was and to stop taking the higher dose and it would ease off. And I did and now I am back to the other routine and the headache is easing a bit.

    But my body feeling like it has been threw a ringer and I have been squished. I ache in my joints and in the muscles too. I don't really have the words to discribe how I am feeling ,other than I am so sleepy and I could sleep more during the day if I would let myself do , but I want to be aable to sleep at night to. But I find that when I am watching TV and resting on the couch I will suddenly start to doze off nad then my legs or an arm will JUMP really hard and startle me. I hate that feeling. But I just start dozing off again. But as soon as I go to my bed I am wide awake and falling alseep is so much harder what is up with that?

    I hvae been having a tummy ache for a couple of days I have not been eating right and have missed my fiber in the mornings and I have not been hungery during the day time and that is not good for my tummy and all it's workings. I have had to take a stool softner and tonight i had to take some Milk of magnesia { Thank heaven for flavors in it as I can't stand that chocky stuff andthe one I have is cherry flavored and I hope that it will help me to start working better.

    I know that this sounds gross and is embarassing for me to discuss but things have not been moving like they should and I think it is because of the few days I was taking more of the MScontin and it threw me off a bit, so I hope this will help with that problme and make me feel better and start moving things like I should be doing { OK enough of the gross stuff} I would really just like for my body to work right all the way around and not in just one area. I want to be able to walk and do the things I once did and I can't and it frusterates me alot.

    I have been standing alot for days while at the hospital and I over did it with all teh walking as MOM was on the 3rd floor and in the ICU which was half way around the buliding and a long walk for me, so for the past week my thighs and calves have been cramping and are so tight that you could bounce a dime off them. And even my butt cheecks are tender to the touch as are my thighs and calves, I wonder what is up with this ? Also my low back L4-L5 ** L5- S1 are really tender as I found out when I saw the nurse and she was touching things like my back and it really felt like I should have a great big dark purple bruse on my thighs and hips, but I don't have a mark on me.

    I have laid awake at nights wondering why I am in so much more pain right now and why is my back so tender to touch it? What is it that I have done to cause this extra pain? YEs I walked aaround more during the days while mom was in the hospital but she was been home for most of the week and I am still getting tighter and tighter and the pain is getting worse and I am finding it so much harder for me to cope with and i just want to sit and cry and let it all out, Let all this pent up feelings that I have to be the one whatis always makeing sure that mom gets to her dotors appointments.

    She had cateract surgery almost 4 weeks ago and will be getting new glasess soon and I Hope that they will ease her feelings of being dizzy, and out of the wswwwing of things,She is really dizzy and can't really read well and it is making her feel like she had a inner ear infection and is just not qute right. So while she is feeling like this she does not feel she should be driving .

    Well I am going to go to bed now.

    Goodnight to all.

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