Mom is still in hospital she was on percocet 10 stoned

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    I am not the happiset of campers tonight. I was told that I would be able to bring my MOM home yesterday. But her doctor had been gone for the weekend and the doctor that was taking care of his patients did not do things right. And she made a HUGE MESS OF THINGS.

    MY MOm's doctor looks like a old country doctor with that long grey beard. But today when he went to look at my MOm's chart so much of it was MIA.

    There were NO reports about the CElluitis that she has just gotten over and should still be on antibioctics and is not as no one has been able to find the report from the lab for the culture that was taken , so she was asked several times was it done at this hospital ? DUH!

    The records from the ER were missing also , so he had to be told by the nurse's that MOm has a compression fracture as it was not in her chart. And she was still on IV pain meds and had not been put on oral ones so that they could see how well they wroked and how she functioned on them.
    So the doctor put her on perocet #10's and mom was stoned there is no other way to say it she was in another zone.

    Talking about things taht did not amke scense and yet calling out my name and telling me to that she needed to get this done now and how was she going to get out of here ? She did n't know where she was or what day or year it was. I am not sure she knew who she was at times.

    She got so angry with me as I would ask her what she had said. She said my name and told me of all the things that she had to do , I have to go to the fair grounds and get my car out of the garage there and them my car is in the garage at home and I need it to find things. I had NO clue as to what she was telling me. And in mid sentecne she stopped talking and her eye's were open but NO ONE was home. And I would yell at her to talk to me but she would not answer me.

    And then suddenly she said " My name and told me to butt out of her life and to quit telling her what she can adn can't do she was just thinking of the thingss she had to do and If I didn't like it I could just leave and get out of her way. And as I stood up to go as I knew I was upsetting her she told me to just sit down and stay where I was she had things to talk about and this went on all day long.

    I cam home and tried to talk with her doctor but no way would he call me back. I went back to the hospital thinking that she stil was going to go home and that I was going to have to spend my days at her house watching her so that she didn't fall again.

    That was when the nurse told me that they had called the dcotor and told him that the amount of meds she ws getting was way too much so they were going to lower it to a Perocet #5 and watch her tomorrow { That was at 7 om lsat evening} and see how she does wiht the lower amount of the pain meds. And I hope that she is calmer today when I go in as I just can't take being yelled at and told that her life is not my concern and to just leave her alone and butt out of it.

    I know that she was under the influacne of a strong pain narcoitc med but still it really hurts to hear your mom tell you to leave her life alone and to just leave her alone , don't talk to her any time. GO away I was told. AS well as don't treat me like a child I know what I am talking aobut and she had no clue and yet she would not let me leave either.

    This day has been so bad that i am so tired that I can't sleep now. I keep hearing her and seeing her non responsive , it really scared me so much. WAS this going to be how she was going to be from now on? I didn't know. NO one , nurse, doctor would give me a straight answer for any of my questions .
    Yet I am the perosn with medical power of atterney and I needed to know what was happening to her and was this going to be a perment condition? All I wanted was some one to treat me like a adult and not somedaughter who is panicing over her mother being stoned out of her mind,adn to the nurse's she was ok just mildly out of it and she was not there, she was not responding to me at all.

    This morning she went for a walk it took three thearpists to walk her around the cornor and MOM has NO memory of this walk at all.. And did not believe me that she had this walk with the therapists. She was so angry that I was lying to her and I was not to make up stories about things that did n't happen and I needed to grow up. I was so shocked at her reactions to this pain med.

    But as I left last night she was happy with me & didn't remember telling me the nasty things that she had said . I am thankful for that. She told me that she was just out of it and I didn't need to figure out what she was talking about and I explained to her that she was calling me to her side & telling me that she had things to & she was going to do them .

    She had gotten so adgitated that I had tried to leave and she tried to get out of her bed to stop me from going but they had a sensor on the bed so it beeped when she tried to get out of bed by her self, the nurse rushed in & asked her where she was going and she told her to make me sit down and stay there , and let her tell me what I needed to be doing for her.

    I am so thankfull that the day is past and I Pray that today will go by in a better way and she will not have such a bad reaction to her meds for pain.

    She wanted me to come home and take care of her and lift her out of the chair or her bed and there is NO way I can do that for her or anyone else. But to her she felt that this was the things I had to do for her. And she meant it.

    I can't go to her house to spend my whole day watching her so that she does not fall and being told to not boss her around and to tell her what she can and can't do. And if they had sent her home yesterday it would have been that way as she had no control of her mind.

    I struggle with taking care of me as it is.. I am not able to lift or carry things that are more than 20 lbs. And if

    I am to be taking care of her and watching her and giveing her her meds I am unable to take my own meds as I can't take mine and still function when I have needed to take my soma. I am sleepy my self and what help would i have been in she had tried to get upand walk on her own with NO HELP>?
    I am emotionally spent, and fatiqued so badly that I am in tears I have been told that this reactionto the perocet was not that bad but the nurse;s were not in the room with her like I was and they were to give her meds that she should have had during the weekend and it took them over 3 hours after she was told that she would have them in 5 minutes. I was pissed off at the staff that they didn't belive me when I told them that she has had a staph infection and that they needed to get her back on the anitboitcs .

    All she needs is to get celluitis once more and it could get really bad and she still needs the antibitoics for the staph infection. And the nurse's could not find that record , chart any thing that said she hasd a culture on her arm done and what the results were.Hospitals are not the best place and it is really easy to get staph infections while in the hospital. I hear about it all the time.

    But thankfully the doctor lowered her pain meds and I hope that they will watch her for more than just tonight while she is sleeping to find out how she reacts to the lower dose. It needs to be during the day time so that they can see if it is makeing her loupy and stoned or if it lets her do things like walk and relives the pain with out her beocoming unrespondiive. So I hope that she is not released before Noon to that they will know how she reacts to it and I can get some sleep and not have to p ick her up at 8 am .

    So wish me luck and pray for her to get better fast.
    I need to try to go to sleep now as I am tired and hurting emotionally I just want it to be over with and not have to deal with anymore tantrams from my mom. While she is stoned.
    So tired and exhusted not sleeping.
    HUGS TO ALL Rosemarie Sorry so LONG[This Message was Edited on 08/29/2006]
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    I am SO sorry that you are having such a rough time. It's hard enough to deal with this DD but to have the stress and everything you are going thru with your mom, I can't imagine it all.

    I know it is hard to hear your mom say things negative against you. Try not to take it too personally. She does not realize what she is saying. My mom was in the hospital last year and she was very incoherent for a while. She was so angry at me and my siblings that it was amazing. Mom was always a soft spoken person with a tongue that didn't say anything nasty about anybody. It was so hard to see her like that but we had to keep telling ourselves that wasn't really mom talking, it was eveyrthing else.

    I know this probably sound stupid, but get as much rest as you can. The situation with your mom is tough but you have to try to take care of yourself as best as you can.

    As for the meds, you need to have a serious talk with the doctor and have them get their act together. Sometimes I wonder what school these doctors have graduated from because they sure don't seem to have the brains for the job.

    I'm sending you a big {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{GENTLE HUG}}}}}}}}}}} and know that I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

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    DOn't take it personally what she said. My mom was very ill for 6 months and then past away last year and she had different stages of coherentness (sp?). Sometimes very angry sometimes like a child sometimes herself.

    I beat myself up over it for a while and then realized the best thing I could do was sit by her side and love her. I also was the one to keep track of her progress or lack of as my dad was too emotional. I always had a list of her med's and treatments with me which always seem to make the dr.s and nurses pay a little more attenttion to me.

    However the dr.s never seem to think all the information is important for you to know and I completely disagree. Push them as hard as you can.

    And the most important thing to remember is she loves you and you love her and if all you do is sit by her side when she is out of it, I truly believe she will know you are there. Good luck and know that I am thinking of you.

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