MOM is worse tonight she has celluitis and i am pooped

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    ONce again I was the one to take my 79 year old Mom to the ER for her antibitoic treatment for this bout of celluitis. And it has gotten much worse in just a day. So the doctor drew on her so show where it was at and if is spreading. They gave her the dose of antibitoics and told her to hot pack it.

    But to night she is so tired and sleepy. It was really late on sat Morning when we got to her house after 1 am and she has dozed off and on all day long. She has taken her pain meds more than she usually does and I am wondering if that would zone her out. As well as being sick from the infection.
    My daughter could not take her tonight as she had to be at her stepsons birthday party and my sister will not answer her phone so why try and my brother is in Heber which is over a 3 hour drive from Logan where we live.

    So I am the one who will keep taking her in to the ER and today my Daughter who lives with her may take her to the ER for the next dose of antivitoics. SHE is really upset becasue my mom was so out of it tonight and was so sleepy.

    I talked with the doctors and they said if they thought it was getting really bad they would have admitted her to the hospital for around the clock care but they think that she will start responding to the meds asap .

    It always takes a couple of days to get it going in your system. And mom had been taking her Lortabs 10's about 3 of them when she usually will only take 2 a day and they are far apart. But she has had three so far to day and has not eaten so to me that hehlped explain why she was so drowsey.

    I know that when I don't eat and take my meds I am sleepier during the day then when I eat . And she is fighting off a infection too.
    And she is upset that no one has ever told her that taking pergnzone can do dammage to your immune system and make you unable to fight off infections as she once did.

    And she has been on it for about 6 years and is trying to not take as much as she was but with out it her rehumitism is worse and she hurts so much more. So she is still taking it but at a lower dose.

    Me I slept off and on to day as well as I have been so sleepy and ehustend all day long.

    I ache all over and when we went to get the IV antibitoics tonight I was walking with my cane as my legs are acheing so bad now.

    It looked reather funny that I am the one waling with a wrist brace on my left hand and a came too and here is my Mom who is 79 and she is walking all bent over and needs the cane but it hurts to use it so she didn't bring her's in.
    But like I said I just to night and I am waiting for my daughter to call in a panic telling me that she thinks that her Grandma is worse and we need to take her to there ER now.

    She is panicing and is worried that she is losing her grandma as she has been liveing with mom for over 10 years now as she and her dad had some isssure's in her teens and this seemed the best answer for her. But I think now that it is worse as she wil owrry her slef sick adn tihnk that every illness is going to take her grandmother away from her.

    And if she were so bad the doctors said that they would not hesitate to put her in the hospital but at this point she is doing ok. It takes time for meds to work and there is not garonnntee that they will work asap it takes time.

    Mom is 79 so I know that any illnesss could get bad and not have a good out come. But as of now she is not as bad as she was the last time she had this just more fatiqued and needs some rest to help her heal.

    So I am praying that MOm will start to resond to the antibitlics they are givning her adn that she will start to get better soon and my daughter will not wake her up to check on her and see if it is spreading in to the wrist joints as that is a bad thing to do. When i left last night it has not gone towards her wrist and she was tired and wanted to go to bed and sleep..

    I didn't sleep good either and I feel alseep wrapped up in a blanket around 11 pm last night and just woke up . REAther startled as I didn't know where I was for a minute.

    But I soon knew that i was on the couch and needed to go to bed. But now my eye's don't want to close. And let me sleep. So me and my achey breaky body are going to go to bed. And hope that mom will start to get better to night and this infectionwil not spread tonight.

    Mom was awake and talking when I left adn was not out of it as she had been before. She knew exactley what the doctor had said and that proved to me that she was not as bad as I had thought. Because she was aware of what he was saying and could remember it.

    He told her that infections need time to let the meds your getting to work so she is to rest adn sleep as much as she wants and we are not to worry about this sleeing as it is normal for some one who is fighting off an infections like she is.

    HE told me that I looked really tird and needed to get some rest so that I could take care of her and to make sure I was taking care of me as well.

    The nurse knows me adn told the doctor that I have fibro and CMP as well as DDD and bad knees arithrtis and much more. So he asked me what I am on and to go home and take my meds and to go to bed and sleep. Or I am going to flare and be of no help to my MOm .

    But I know that I iwll not get the hlep from my sister and I don't want her at the ER with my mom as she will have to bring her drunck of a #$%Hole husband of hers and together they will create more of a sceane and havic like they did the last time. Both were stoned and drunk and had to be asked to leave 5 times,

    Just having my sister there is so upsetting to my mom that I would rather fight with my pain then have my mom upset and embarassed and humilated by my sister screamming that she does not want her mother to die she can't handle it and she would say all that infront of my mom which would only make her feel like she it worse and upset her too much.

    So I will deal with this the best that I can and I will see if my oldest daughter will get a grip and understand that when people get older and are on steriods.

    That it takes their bodies longer to heal from things like this infection cellulitis And she needs to get a grip and not panic and gice the anticiboics time to work.

    I thought I would give you a update & then go to my bed and to sleep.
    IF it is not too mcuh would you say a prayer for her and me to help us get htrough this illness.
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    By the sound of your post it seems like you are going thru a rough time of it. Sorry to hear that your mom is having so many problems. She is very lucky to have a daughter like you that will take her to the hospital and be there for her when she needs someone.

    I know this is easier said than done but please take care of yourself during all of this. Try to get as much rest as you can whenever you can.

    Last year my mom was in ICU for 3 weeks in a hospital almost 2 hours away from me. I worked from 8 to 4:30 and then made the trip to see her, not getting home till around midnight or later, and i ran that vicious cycle for 3 weeks. I was so tired I didn't know if I was coming or going. Wore me out. I ended up getting pneumonia a few weeks later. No rest takes a big toll on a body.

    I hope everything works out with your mom. You're very lucky to have her, and she to have you!!

    Take care and {{{{gentle hugs}}}}

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    i will not go on prednisone ever ever again...been on it two times in my life time...heavy dosages...

    i knew it was bad for your immune system...thins your or weakens your many side effects..

    sorry can't see get something else different the celebrex..get her weaned off from the prednisone...

  4. 69mach1

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    just thinking of you



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