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    well, my mom moved her camper out yesterday. She only did it though because I did finally disconnect her cable and electric. I made that decision when she called a left a nasty message on my voice mail.

    I had called the gas company because I had a 770.00 gas bill and of course can't afford it, so they told me to go to social services first and see if they would pay any of it before they put me on the winter protection plan.

    While I was there, my mom came in...I'm assuming to report me for something, she made the comment that she could just call to report me and left.

    Then she wrote me a nasty letter and of all things she made the comment that I could take my 'so called man' and his half breed family and stuff them. My boyfriend has done absolutely nothing to them or to me and has only met them once....but to get his grandchildren who are 6 months old and 3 years old involved is so unforgiveably childish.

    Anyways, my husband's attorney is putting a restraining order against the house so she can't sell it. She has got it listed at the realtor's for 67,000 and it is well worth 100,000. She just wants a quick sale so she can get what she wants and to heck with me and my kids.

    They also said they were going to have me evicted....haven't heard any legal news yet so they're gonna have a hard time getting me out of here. At least now they are gone and we can live peaceably.

    My daughter went outside to the dog pen the other day to play with her dog and they came out and accused her of 'spying' on them. Then when they came to the door to leave the note, the called her a 'b----' cause she had locked the door. My daughter is only 15.

    I'm finding it so hard to believe a mother can treat her child this way. MY sister in law is in the hospital newly diagnosed with cancer and I can't even go to see her because my mom has lied to everyone and turned everyone against me. I don't want to get anyone else involved....especially my brother as he already has to deal with his wife's cancer and possible death...with no insurance.

    This is just such a mess. I don't see how I can ever forgive my mother. I don't know what to do. Maybe her behavior is more medical....but then again, she's always been mean,controlling and greedy....just worse now.

    Thanks everyone for letting me sound off here. I've just been so devestated and ill with this and now that I have no family to go to....this is all I have left (besides my wonderful supportive loving boyfriend)
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    What a mess! I would not try to 'make things right'. Why fight with someone who goes out of their way to character assasinate you.

    You are blessed with children and a wonderful boyfriend.
    I would focus on that and know that people are people and they can be stupid at times. All of us can. It sounds like your mother is going through it.

    Focus on the positive. Forget the negative: it will only make you feel worse. Physically and mentally.
    Rest up and do not sweat it. You are in the right.
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    between you and your mom will be a good thing. I'm praying things will work out for you....Love, Terri