Mom needs prayers for Daughter

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Sunrise, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. Sunrise

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    Please pray for my daughter, Carrie, she is having a very troubled relationship with the father of her two very special children, Abby and Autumn ages 4 and 2. She lives 1200 hundred miles from me. Her stress level is high which has raised her blood pressure. Doc has her on depression medication. Pray for her strength through these rough times and her faith in Jesus. Thank you all and God Bless everyone. Love, Sunrise

    Please pray for the father of her chidren, Cameron, this family needs to stay togeather. there is just to many single family homes out there. thanks again, Sunrise[This Message was Edited on 08/14/2003]
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    Father, in the name of Jesus I lift up this family to you. I pray that your peace will reign supreme in their home. I ask also that you will turn the hearts of Carrie and Cameron towards each other,may any pain, anger or unforgiveness fade from them. I ask that you will cause a new love and appreciation for each other to grow in there hearts. I lift Carrie up to you Lord and ask you to heal her body. Father, in the name of Jesus I come against the enemy that is trying to divide this household, and by your authority and the authority in the name I Jesus I command him to cease and desist. I thank you father for your healing touch on this family, and on those that need physical healing as well. In Jesus name...amen
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    Will keep the whole family in prayer, and you also. It is never easy to be so far away , even in good times...especially tough in times like this. May He bless you each one and keep His Hand upon you.
    love, Rebel
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    Would like to thank all you wonderful people for your prayers for my daughter and her family. I feel so blessed to have found this board. You have made my day much brighter. God Bless you all, Sunrise