Mom starts Chemo on Thurday!!

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Debgene56, Apr 21, 2003.

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    Mom has stage 3 non-small cell lung cancer. It has spread in her chest cavity. She had one last scan today, but so far they haven't found that it has spread anyplace else. She is so positive and trying to be so brave. I sent her a card last night telling her how proud I was of her, and it made her break down and cry. I am not sure if that was a good thing or not. My sister and I drove to Florida and spent a week with her. I am so scared for her, it can't be operated on. She is going to the Geffen Cancer Center in Florida, they treat the whole body. She has already started with a support group. Her Doc thinks he can shrink it and prolong her life in a good way for a long time. I pray he is telling the truth. Please pray for my mom, and for me that I continue to be strong for her. We talk on the phone and email everyday. Also, please pray that the normal stress level in my life goes down, so I can deal with trying to quit smoking. Mom quit 15 years ago. I don't want to leave my boys with out a mom or my 22 year old daughter. Thanks for the wonderful support you gave me before. Much love and peace to you!! Deb
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    Hi Deb....I will sure be in prayer for your Mom and for you as you care for her! Keep us posted on how she is doing.

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    Hello Deb, My heart goes out to you. I can't imagine how I would feel if I were in your shoes. I will be praying for you and your mother. Remember God is in control, He knows all. It is awesome how He takes care of us and loves us so. He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in Him will I trust. Psalm 91:2
    lol and prayers for you,