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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kjade, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. kjade

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    **NOTE: I changed the name of this thread because I wanted to have a place where I could get advice from others about my kids and stuff......I have 4 kids, but sometimes I still don't know what I am doing, and I always am looking for advice and feedback!**

    I FINALLY got a picture to load into my profile. It is a recent picture of my baby girl!! She is getting so big. I wanted to share with all of you since you have been here since the beginning. Please check out her pic in my profile!
    She is such a doll baby. And she is also a little brat! LOL She loves to be held by me or DH. She can be fine, but the second she sees one of us (or even hears one of our voices) she will start to cry until we pick her up. She doesn't do that with anyone else. It's sweet though....she is a very loving little girl. She has the cutest smile too - she smiles all the time. She has those 2 little teeth on the bottom. She has this loud, shrieking laugh, and it's just the cutest thing.

    She can sit up now, and it won't be long before she will be crawling. :( Oh NO!! I am not ready for that!! Then she will be WALKING in no time!! That is the part I don't enjoy....they get into everything and you have to watch them every second!! My boys both walked at 9 months. My daughter waited a little longer - she was about 1 yr old when she started. She was a little more cautious than the boys were. Those 2 just wanted to get up and GO! They constantly had bumps and bruises all over their faces....I was always worried people would think we were beating them! lol. Typical boys...rough and ready to go! Girls are so much more careful (and wiser *wink wink*). Let's hope Sydney waits awhile too!!

    Well, I hope you can see my picture now that I finally got it to work! She is my little swetheart!!! :)
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  2. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    what a little doll she is!! I love the photo!

    No wonder you can't stop picking her up--I would do it too!! Wait until she starts walking--that's when your head will really spin. My twins both started walking at 10 months, within 90 seconds of each other! And on the weekend we were moving into a new house--how's that for timing--LOL!!

    Enjoy her, and keep posting those beautiful pictures. She really is a dream come true!!

  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    She is really adorable, that's a wonderful photo!
    She looks like such a happy kidlet!

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    She is just precious. I think I see an impish grin there . Enjoy here while you can while she is still little and you do not have to go chasing her.

    Unfortunaty, she will learn both the good and the bad things from her brothers and sister too :) !!

    Thanks for the adorable pic. I don;t even have a grandbaby that little any more. The youngest will be 6 this year. Give her lots of hugs and kisses before she wiggles away from you and makes you try and catch her :) !!

  5. kjade

    kjade New Member

    My poor baby fell a little while ago and I am so worried. I absolutely HATE head injuries. My kids have all had some pretty bad falls, and really rough injuries over the years, so you would think I would be used to this by now. But no I am terrified. DH was carrying her up the stairs to go get the kids into the shower. My son was messing around and pushing DH back when he got to the top of the stairs. He lost his balance and dropped the baby RIGHT ON HER HEAD ON THE HARDWOOD FLOOR! He was freaking out and yelling at my son who of course went into hysterics because he was getting yelled at and he felt bad.

    She has a little welt/lump on her head, but seems to be ok. She did cry right away, which I know is a good sign. And her pupils look fine and everything. She isnt vomiting either. She is sleeping now, but I know I have to keep my eye on her. Head injuires scare the crap outta me!!

    I remember my son hitting his head once on our deck. He was about 2. The lump on his head was so huge, right on his forehead. It looked like the size of a softball! And he was ok. So I think Syd will be allright. It's just so scary being a mom sometimes! Has anyone else ever had to deal with pretty bad head injuries like this?

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  6. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    Those were the scariest times of them all--when the kids hit their heads. When my youngest was 2 1/2, I was with her in front of the house and she wanted to say hi to a neighbor. I was walking with her and she suddenly pitched forward onto the bricks, and slammed her head. Blood was everywhere. I will never forget it until the day I die-- the panic that set in. I was wearing a white turtleneck, and I grabbed her close to me, held her screaming while my friend drove my car with us in it, to the hospital. She just did not cut her head, it was actually a hole in the skin. When we got to the ER, I was so covered in blood that they jumped, thinking it was me. She wound up getting 15 stitches in her head; we waited all night for a plastic surgeon because it was her face. I alsmost passed out when they papoosed her to do the stitches, and they send me out of the room. My dad (retired NYC homicide--he's seen alot of blood) came in and I returned shortly. And all I could think of was how it was totally my fault because I was standing right next to her, and could not stop her from falling. I realize now that it was not my fault, it happened so fast, but it took a long time for me to actually get over that. BTW, this is the same kid who has had us back to the ER for fractured foot, traumatized Jones plate of the foot (don't ask), gate hitting her in the head (huge lump/CAT scan--another all nighter) and other stuff. There's one in every family. and I think she's our one!

    You are watching for all the correct signs that they told us to watch for. I would just tell you, as her mother, if something doesn't seem right to you later in the day, err on the side of caution and take her to the ER. Some hospitals even have pediatric ER's, you may want to check if one is in your area--makes it much easier.

    Good luck tonight. These things just happen; as parents, we do the best we can--but things happen. I tell my kids now, I get gray hairs on my own, thank you very much, I do not need any help from you!!

    God bless Syd--I just know she will be fine, but you'll be sleeping with one eye open. That's what we do, right?


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  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I know Syd will be fine but we all worry donpt we and have guilt feelings. That is just what MOM's do !! Gee whiz !! It sounds to me like you are looking for all the right signes, like Laura too said. i guess I had a nursing background . However, when it is your child especially but any child you just panic many times and wonder if you are doing all the right things.

    I can't seem to remember any apecific kiid or incident but I cant tell you that I have seen quite a few huge bumps on the head and other traumatic injuroies. Considering I had 5 kids, 4 girls and 1 boy theyrer not it the hospitals or ER's much. The only kid tht ended up in the hospital at all after an injury was daughter #3 who fell off the monkey bars at school. I guess she was in 3rd or 4th grade. She broke her elbow and her wrist but she handled it pretty well, all things considered. It was scarey for me, then there was surgery and lots of rehab. I guess I was pretty lucky. They were fairly healthy other than the usual URI's ear infections and all that stuff.

    I guess I handled the emergency stuff pretty well and it sounds to me like you are doing a good job too. Try not to be so hard on yourself. You are smarter than you think you are especially when you start second guessing yourself. Pat yourself on the back KJADE: !! It is normal however to be scared sometimes esp when you have to react in a panic.

    Gotta run for now. Guess your son now knows not to fool around so much around by the stairs ! I am sure he was scared to after he waw his little sister fall and get hurt. Sounds like she and he were very lucky.

  8. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Thanks for the replies ladies! I think she is going to be ok. She is being herself now...I don't think it was too bad. But with head injuries I always worry so much, and "sleep with one eye open", like you said Laura.

    That must have been horrible when your daughter cut her head open!! Gave me chills reading it. And Granni, with 5 kids, you got so lucky only having that one incident. We have only had a few ER visits, but MANY bumps & bruises. My boys both play tackle football - thankfully neither of them have ever been hurt in football yet. But when they were little.....OMG! They were always hurt! Son # 2 wa in the ER twice I think. Once when he fell in the bathtub and hit his face on the tub. His lip swelled up and his teeth got stuck in his lip. It was HORRIBLE!! Thankfully no stitches. Another time, he got his arm yanked out of the socket when DH was playing with him by lifting him by the hands and twirling him around. The ER doc just popped the arm right back in the socket and he was fine!

    My 4 y/o daughter is the most accident prone, I think. She is very clumsy. But we put her in ballet and basketball this past winter, and I think that helped with her coordination. Listen to this craziness.....this past Christmas, we were at my brother's and she was running around with my neices, and she banged heads REALLY hard with my neice (after I TOLD THEM 18 TIMES TO STOP RUNNING AROUND!!) She ran to me crying, but it was the kind of crying where she wasn't breathing. She was standing by these wooden steps and I swear she passed out for a second, felt back, and hit her head again on the steps. I thought she was having a seizure, and I freaked out. Even my brother (the fireman) almost jumped up to grab her, cause he must've thought it was bad.

    She was ok after that but of course, I had to worry cause it was a head injury. Then on the way home, I had my window cracked in the car. She was sticking her hand out the window cause it was raining and she was feeling the rain. Well when we pulled into the garage, and I went to shut the window, her HAND WAS STILL THERE! I heard the CRUNCH! And NATURALLY I freaked! I thought I broke her hand! But she was ok.

    Then a couple hours later, we were playing the Wii, and I was bowling. When I went back to bowl (like in real bowling) with the controller in my hand, she was standing behind me, and I punched her right in the face with the controller and my hand!! OMG....She had QUITE a night on Christmas!!

    Anyway, thanks Granni - I do try not to panic, and I am getting pretty good at it too! Lol. I know they react more when they see you panic so I always try to remain calm. Except when it's the head. That is what scares me.

    Laura, when you mentioned the papoose board, I remembered when I had to take my oldest son to the ER because he was dehydrated from being sick. The nurse was cranky and she had put the IV in his arm (he was only 9 months old at the time) - he yanked it back out!! She got so mad, she strapped him to the papoose board (that was awful....he was looking at me to help him and I could do nothing!) well, she was trying to get the IV in him when he was strapped down, and he broke out of that papoose board thing!! She was so seething mad she got another nurse to start his IV. That 8 hour ordeal was a nightmare! He always has been a tough little guy. He has always been one of the smallest on the football team (cause of his age - he is one of the younger kids in the class) and you should see him on the football field....he is one of the toughest ones there!! He is awesome to watch! Everyone always comments about him to us.

    I could go on and on and on....LOL. But I need to finish cleaning. Thanks again ladies for the advice. I will definitely be keeping my eye on her, but I think she is ok.

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