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    I told my mom the problems I have with Fm diagnosis over here, and the pressure from DSHS to have a diagnosis or else, the docs who don't believe in FM/CFS, the routes the docs take to diagnose IF the believe in it, the struggle ONCE you're giagnosed. I have to tell the short story why I went here first. There was a short rise (didn't know then) in unemployment in mid 90-s, at the same time the EU borders opened, and it became popular to go where the work was. I went a little further, to the US since I had been here before in short work related trips. I figured I stay for a couple of years. Circumstances and finances kept me stuck here a little longer than planned, I've now been here for 8 1/2 years. In the meantime, I've developed RA, Sjogrens and FM besides bunches of other stuff I already had before. Anyway back to FM in Sweden. She told me that any doctor can diagnose FM in Sweden. FM is not a "syndrome" in Sweden, it is an accepted illness. Doctors will not let you work once diagnosed. Physicians have all the power in Sweden, there are no insurance companies, no pharmaceutical monopolies. Social Services might get grumpy and try domething, but they have no say so against a physician (any physician) over there. You will have your disability. You don't wait for disability there, it will be a month at the most. I knew we were far ahead, but I had no idea. I dropped my jaw to the floor. Now I really wish I wasn't so broke (because I can't work! LOL!) that I can't get myself and my children back home as I had planned for the future anyway. My family is back home, a big family, my children have no family here, it will only be fair if I bring them there, imagine when they are adults, they will have someone there. Here, they only got me (and "dead-beat-dads"). Anyway, I bet this will infuriate you guys, as it does me, I know how we all struggle to get recognised, to get diagnosed, and even when we do, we still get problems with disability or at work, etc.
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    I am very happy for the people with FM in Sweden. I hope that it is that way here someday. What an amazing difference. I hope for you that you can make it back to Sweden soon with your children. Its such a hard struggle here with it, its so difficult to live with. I`ll be praying that you can make it back home with your family.

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    us a reference line to work on over here in the US. What is possible, so to speak. As for us returning, that is my prair and hopes. What stops us? My first sons father used my funds I set aside to pay the landlord in Sweden for 3 months when I moved over. Well, the guy used the money for himself, and rental debt is a big no-no in Sweden, the debt will not be written off until after 10 years. A landlord do not want to sign a lease until then. Meaning, I got a year and a half to go. Financially a lottery winning or so would be great when the time comes to move. My parents are eldery, and we're all an ill bunch! LOL! No, my post was basically a reference line for us over here to see what is really possible when it comes to FM/CFS. It is obviously not a syndromy anymore, unless a government want to make it such.
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    my daughter could use another few cousins. Will you be eligible for disability benefits if you go home? here, you have to have so many credits of work quarters in a certain period of time in order to be eligible for disability benefits, rather than SSI, a lesser amount. blessings to you. jen102
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    YOu need to make certain that this is truly the case, that you won't be harmed by having been here for so long, and then get back to Sweden.

    They are much more progressive there about medical care and disability AND HAVE A REAL SAFETY NET.

    Do make sure, and your embassy here in the States should be able to answer this for you, or your mother should be able to learn over there, about whether you will suffer because of having been here all the time.

    Then, find someone to assist you in getting back to Sweden. Your Embassy, believe it or not, may assist in obtaining you a way to return home.

    I had a patient from Sweden, once, who was injured while traveling here, and the Swedish Embassy made the arrangements for the trip home with an RN, at their expense.

    If not, try some of the religous and assistance groups and see if they can get you the money. BUY THE TICKETS AT LEAST 21 DAYS OR WHATEVER IT TAKES, AHEAD, AND GET THE CHEAPEST FARES. Make certain that your family can and will assist you in establishing your income, medical care, and housing for you and the children.

    Good luck. Were I in your place, I would return home to A CIVILIZED COUNTRY.
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    Could you live with your Mom or another family member or friend and save for the 3 mos. of rent......after you get assistance? Noy idea, but even kids sleeping on floor when it means a home in a few months is not a bad trade off....

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    Lena, I am so envious/happy for you! What a wonderful thing to find out! There has got to be a way to get you home and take care of it all! Do check into all the previous suggestions. I would give anything to be swedish right now!
    Congratulations, and please keep us updated after you get there.