Mom will need to go to ER again to day.

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    As I worte early this morning that I had taken my mom to the ER for a sore spot on her elbow. It is looking like it is celluitis again. She was treated for this just under two months ago and had 5 days with IV antibitoics.
    She has a IV port now and needs to have IV antibitoics again.

    She had one treatment at 1 am this morning and needs to go to the ER at 8 pm this evening. But she called me today and told me that my oldest daughter who lives with her will take her if she is home from a birthday party for her stepson.

    And if she is not then I will take her but it should only take about 30minutes to 1 hour. And then we can be home.

    Some one wrote that they thought I had kids at home. I don't. All my grils are either married and one in a nanny in Conneneict. One daughter lives with my Mom and the other in a town about a hours dirve from here.
    So I don't have much help from them .The oldest is the one that she and her husband live with my Mom. So some times she will help out and take mom to a doctors appointment or the ER.

    I have a brother and a sister who are not worth the time to talk with them about helping. My brother lives about 2-3 hours from where I live and will not come here when MOm needs to go to the ER as it is not convient and would take too long.And he does not think at times that she needs as much help as she does. HE does not see her on a daily basis so he is missing out on things like she forgets things and her driving is getting a bit scary.

    And my sister well I don't want to discuss her as she is no help at all. NEver will be so why bother to ask her.

    So I am still the one who is the care giver when Mom needs it and I am fine with it . The part that I hate is that it just wears me out emotionaly as well as physically. And having spent about 3 hours in the ER this morning I could not relax and sleep well and I was hurting badly by the time I got home and could take my pain meds as well as my muscle relaxant { I will not take the muscle relaxanat when I know I have to drive as it does make me drowsy}

    Mom is not feeling any better now than she did at 1:30 am . I am glad that she diecied that she should go to the ER instead of waiting till 8 -9 am this morning. Now she has had one does of antibitoics and hopefully it will start to work better sooner and faster for her.
    I am the one who has always taken care of her as I live a block away from her.

    And yes I am tired and acheing but this is some thing I don't have the choice to not do as my Mom has been there for me in days gone by where she too was tired and needed her sleep and yet if I needed her she would take me to the ER or the doctors office because of pain that I had and headaches. She has always been there to help me so that is what I will do for her. I feel like that is where I should be. I will however accept help when offered.

    I wil start my swimming class agin on monday but will not be doing the exercise;'s as much. I will just be jogging in the water and doing streaching exercises so that I don't stiffen up and I am albe to move better. I have noticed that when I have gone to class at lesat 2 time's a week I do feel better emothionally and som phyically also. Yes it is hard adn I have to watch what I do.

    I have a instructor who knows what I have and will often stick by me so that I am not over doing it. She tells me to slow it down or to not do a certian exercise and I follow her insturtions as she is the one who has been teaching for 7 years now. I know that there is a fine line between just doing the exercise's and over doing them.

    And it has taken me a while to get to the point that I know I need to stop and just oay on my back and float and relax and let my body just rest and relax adn it feels so great.As there is no pressure from any ting and I am just floating and nothing hurts like it did and I am so relaxed when I am like that.

    It is hard to do the things I am used to doing now that I am not working. I have to do something to make me feel like I am doing something more than sitting and sleeping. I have to have a purpost in my life and I have found it . LIfe with all the chronic pain from DDD , fibro CMP, arthirtis, knee pain, bulging dics, facet syndrome, radilopathy of my lumbr spine, pain from my left wrist that was shattered two years ago and is never going to be pain free.

    AS it is still deterating as it was such a horrid break and I am amazed that I am still able to use it and to do things like this typing as I shattered it so badly .

    I was told that I would not have any good function in it and I do but it will always be weak and will get arthritis and stiffen up as the bones get older I will have more and more pain from it as I hurt not just the bones but the nerves as well and they are what gives me so much of my pain in the wrist.

    I know that life comes with aches and pains and we don't have control over which pains or aches that we get. They sneek up on us and then we end up being tired as well as in pain.But I have to keep moving of I will stiffen up and not be able to do much.

    don't get me wrong I would not have chosen this path in my life if i had a choice I would still be working and enjoying it and being able to help out in the cleaning of my house and spending time with my family , grandbabies. and my daughters.

    I don't like to take the pain meds as I am so tired of people finding out and assuming that I am addidcted and when I take the pills I am automaticelly HIGH From them when I am not... Just because your on narcoitic pain meds does not mean that evey time you take your pain meds your HIGH AS A KITE AND CAN'T DO ANYTIHNG OR THINK FOR YOURSELF.

    You and I know that it is not true but it is so hard to convine peiple , friends and sometimes even our family.

    Well I will get off my soap box now and let some one else have a turn at this. I am going to the store for some things and then comming home to rest till I can find out it my daughter will take her grandma to the ER or if I will be the one taking her. It does not matter to me and I think my Mom would rather I go there asa I don't get opne her case about her taking pain meds and my daughter does.

    This daughter works for the DMV and knows the driving laws well as it is a bit part of her job. So her knowing the things that can happen while driveing under the influacne of alochol or drugs are bad. so she struggles with knowins that her grandma is is pain and the meds she is taking don't work as well as we hoped they would. My daguhter watns her grandma to drive safllley adn she is afaird that Mom will be sleepy and dozzzy all the time and still try to drive.

    It is soem thing that is really tough to know and to accept . I kow that when I have taknen all my meds htat I am not to drive as I lose the ability to tnink striaght. and my daughter is unsure the her grandmother will know that she should not drive while taking some thing stronger than Lortabs # 10.

    Mom 's doctor has told her that when ever she wants he will prescribe for her a strong pain medication. And I htink that MM would not be driving if she were dizzzzy she would go lay down and try to sleep it off.

    OK this time I am really done griping about things like this.
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    but if you need to do it..hope you get all the strength you need

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    When my family I was the same way. I was there for each hospitilizaton: from grandparents to aunts/uncles, mother, father, cousin.

    I got into a routine. Order flowers. Show up. Get out.

    It was the best I could do and it was before I got sick.

    My family died one after another. Talk about depression.

    So, I got through it.

    Now they are all gone and it is me and my sister. We have gotten so much closer over the years. I would do anything for her and I know she feels the same way.

    Yes, it is awful, but is the wheel of life.

    Now I am sick and can only imagine what you must be going through.

    Healthy, I barely managed.

    Take care of yourself....who will do it if you do not?