Mom - you still here?????

Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by annee, Jan 9, 2002.

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    I noticed we have just posted a message to Bonnie at about the same time.
    You still here?
  2. annee

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    I thought we were both posting at 9.02.
    That would be the date!!
    Catch up with you.
    And I still sending you and Brutus some pics of me, GB and beautiful Canberra.
    The fires are still burning in some areas - one area 2 hours from here has a 45km fire front.
    It is an area on the east coast, and many thousands have been evacuated.
    America has sent over two enormous helicopters which carry large volumes of water. They went into operation yesterday, so hope they make a difference.
    It is our holiday season here, and many people from Canberra and Sydney holiday on the east coast.
    I hope you and Brutus are okay.
    When I read some of the stuff that you people go through with these dd's, just want to reach out and give you all big hugs and make it all go away.
    I'll hang in there if you do.
    biggest hugs,
  3. mom

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    It is 4am here. Don woke me up with a minor asthma attack so I ran to grab him a drink. Came back he said no to the drink and went back to sleep. Me my heart was racing as it is scarey at that hour of the night so here I sit cause now I can't sleep. He doesn't have bad asthmas but I think Lucky got a little too close to his face and brought it on. Usually I can barricade Lucky to my side of the bed. I just eat the fur but it really bothers Don.
    I think this qualifies me as a care giver.
    Yes these dd's do make for no boredom. Everyday is a new experience. What really bugs me is that we have to deal with what life has given us and we do quite well. But then you hear about what people bring on to themselves and others just out of malice. Like your fires, started because someone was board, or for a lark. Now those people are the real sickos.
    We really watch for fires here because it is all pine bush as far as the eye can see and beyond. We are on the lake but there is only one road out of town. If a fire should get between us and the highway it could make for very tence moments. We have 2 canoes that we could use but we also have 3 cats, one son and 1 soon to be 2 cocker spaniels. How do you get yourself to safety and leave your pets. You don't.
    I saw pictures of people camped out on the beach there and we would have a hard time doing that as the beach is called pebble beach. The pebbles are about the size of ostrich eggs. Not good for tent pegs. Besides a moose or bear or wolf or cougar would probably join everyone there and then wouldn't we have fun.
    We have had no snow yet so I guess this spring and fall will be really dangerous with fires this year. We have 2 major parks one on either side of us and every year there is a period of time when they say no open fires. Sure cuts down the fun of camping when you can't sit at night slapping bugs drinkin hot chocolate and watching the fire.
    You take care and believe me when I say that the care givers of us all really deserve a hug as they put up with us and our dd's.
    They say love conquers all so maybe it will conquer these dd's some day.
    Mom Lynda