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  1. fungirl2100

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    You had posted a real sweet note to me & I want to let you know it meant the world to me today. It actually put a tear in my eye. I just wanted to know this.

    I hope we can become friends. These boards move so fast with so many people it's easy to lose track of each other.

    I really hope you see this & we can really become friends.

    you sound like a wonderful caring person & we have so much in common!!!!!!!!!!

    love your friend,
    Dawn aka Fungirl2100
  2. momXtwo

    momXtwo New Member

    And I would love to become friends. I'm sorry it put a tear in your eye, but I do know from where you come. It is so hard to be in our shoes sometimes.

    I have read your responses to others before and you, too sound like a really caring person.

    I'm kind of a newbie here, in that I haven't posted a whole, whole lot, but I really like it. I do see that the posts run really fast!

    Thanks so much for the sweet and personal message. I am really going to try to keep up so that we can develop a friendship.

    Your new friend,
    Stephanie aka Momxtwo
  3. fungirl2100

    fungirl2100 New Member

    Hi Stephanie (it's nice to know your name),

    I am so glad you caught my post!! I didn't know if you would with the message board moving ultra fast.

    Read my bio when you get a second. It's okay that you put a tear in my eye. Not an easy thing to do with me except lately with the pain flares that I 've been having with the RLS.

    I have met some very nice people on the site, but it's so hard to keep track of them, I don't see a way to go to them direct to their logon & send them a message. That would be a nice feature.

    I hope you know I am sincere in what I said & if there's anything I can do even lend an ear, ask my dr. husband a question for you on anything even on your little one's please let me know.

    I guess we will have to try to just use each other's names on topics I hope we catch it!!

    much love-
  4. momXtwo

    momXtwo New Member

    There must be a safe way to exchange email info or something, or have a mailbox in here. That would be a great suggestion, huh? Create a mailbox in this forum so that those of us who want to keep up with individuals can do so safely and privately, plus I'm sure not everyone wants to read our messages to one another. Maybe there is a way that I'm simply not aware of.

    I had read that your husband was a doctor, but honestly had forgotten until you reminded me. What a wonderful resource! Stupid question: Do doctor's wives see other doctors usually, or do they see their own husband if the problem is within their specialty?
  5. fungirl2100

    fungirl2100 New Member


    I see a Pain Management Doctor. I don't see my husband because that is not his specialty. He is just starting out. He actually has 1 more test to do & than to figure out what he wants to do his residency in & apply. It's a lengthy process & it's still expensive.

    Do you mind me asking what state you are in?

    I wish we had a way to exchange our email. I don't want to bore anyone with our banter either.

    here's to a pain free day.

    Dawn ;)

    P.S.-You are the best thing that's happened to me on this site. Thanks for being my friend :)
  6. momXtwo

    momXtwo New Member


    "You are the best thing that has happened to me on this site" made my day! You made me smile sooooo big!

    I don't mind saying that I live in Texas. It's too bad that we don't live closer to one another. I could sure go for having more local friends.

    Your husband must be one stressed cookie, but he sounds like a gem, as do you. I don't mind making up a hotmail account just so that we can exchange emails and stuff, then we can really get to know each other. It helps so much to have a friend who understands, and I know of other people who have become "real" friends via the internet.

    If you'd like to create a hotmail account through MSN, let me know and we can go to chat sometime and exchange our email accounts with one another.

    I hope you are having a wonderful, pain free day, and that you know someone in Texas is thinking of you.

    Your Texan friend,
  7. fungirl2100

    fungirl2100 New Member

    I know they say not to do this, but I trust you. My email aaddress is my logon plus that is it. so, you are welcome to email me direct.

    Know that I am thinking of you as well.

    I really am thankful for even getting the opportunity to know you. I can tell you & I were meant to meet up somehow.

    Just think you have a friend in chicago thinking of you as well.


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