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    Hi there...decided to start a new post to answer your resonse in the other thread. So sorry to hear about your daughter having this DD. I tend to believe that at least in my own situation, that whatever caused by mono 20 yrs. ago is the same culprit responsible for my illness today.
    There is really so much that we don't know yet that it is mind blowing to try and figure it out.I have learned much of my own history just in the last year. For one my mom took quite a lot of anti-biotis while pregnant (the danger was not yet known then). At any rate I believe that somehow we must have a predisposition for this Epstein-Barr
    virus to infiltrate (and it never leaves, just seems to change in how it attacks us. Would like to get Madwolf's or
    Ace's opinion on the whole Epstein-Barr deal.
    BTW-I am so proud of you for the support and research you
    are doing for your daughter!Love, Rebel
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    Just a bump in hopes Mom get's a chance to see it.
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    I'm so sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you. I have been feeling under the weather lately. I have not been on the computer at all. I posted on your other thread about ped FMS. So I won't bore you with the same thing all over again. I have lupus and know that EBV can lead to developing it also. I have done alot of research and studying in relation to my daughter's fibro. But, I've done no more than any parent would when their child is in so much pain. It is up to us to find out why. It seems like doctors just don't care or don't beleive us. It was funny, the day I had all of my findings with me to show the doctor what I thought my daughter had is the day the doctor dx'd with her fibro.

    Good luck on your search for a diagnosis for your son.