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    Okay lets get this party organized. Mon.May 2 is Nancy Manager's 29th and desperately clinging birthday lol. I will bring nanimo bars. Who is bringing what? Remember only junk or comfort food. is The more sugar the better lol. Come one come all. Let's celebrate this great woman of God's BD. We are going to have a great time. See you all on the 2nd. lol. Oh yeah for those of you who can dancing on the table tops and swinging from the chandilier is allowed. lol.

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    Hey, I have no problem with the party. I say lets start it next Monday and party all the way to my birthday on May 2.
    Wow Caffey, I'm impressed you really know how to get a party started. Since I'd break the chandelier if I swung from it, I'll just dance on the table.

    My favorite cake is carrot cake, does anyone know how to make it?

    Thanks for thinking about me Caffey, that is so sweet. My birthday usually comes and goes without anyone noticing.

    Love ya
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    I wrote it in my dayplanner as Apr. 2. I guess I was having a blonde I will correct it.