MONA.VIE acai blend anyone use this?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by campbeck97, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. campbeck97

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    My dear hubby was given a bottle of this today for me to take as he was talking to someone about his wifes chronic pain. I have never heard of it and the ingredients looks to be mostly fruit juices and plant -derived glucosomine. The bottle talks about the brazilian acai berry benefits. Just wondering if anyone else has ever tried it or heard about it. The friend that gave it to my husband said after he started taking it his diabetes was well controlled and also his high blood presssure is now normal without medications. He told my husband for me to take 2 oz twice daily and I would be feeling great. yeah right , I'm very skeptical. Its called MONA.VIE acai blend .God Bless all and gentle hugs
  2. Janalynn

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    I've tried that and another product that's actually got more of the 'super fruits' in it including Acai than Mona Vie. I prefer the second one that I tried. I actually drank that one for over 4 months. My husband, Mom and I all did.

    In the beginning I thought it gave me more energy but that didn't last very long. (it could have been in my head) I also gave some to another friend here who has Fibro, didn't help her either. Her brother is a distributor with Mona Vie and since that didn't work, she was anxious to try this, so we did it at the same time. Also Mona Vie is expensive!

    Acai is the big thing right now. It felt good to drink something that I knew was good for me - but as far as really making me feel better, I can't say it did. There are lots of claims out there.
    Mona Vie is also a business opportunity, so part of it is giving someone a bottle to 'try', in hopes of getting you to buy a case or become a distributor.

    You may feel great - so please try it. I do not want to sway you not to!! I'm just giving you my experience.
  3. goneee

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    Janalynn is right. Mona Vie is a business opportunity, not much more. I got roped into buying this product and was even told by the person that sold it to me how bad there pain was and due to Mona Vie they were able to dance. Then they did a little jig for me. Boy was I stupid, but I guess when you are looking for "the cure" (which there isn't one) you will try anything. All it did for me was make me poorer.

    Gentle Hugs,

  4. aftermath

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    It's a multi-level marketing (read: pyramid) scam.

    Stay away, far away.

    If you want to try ACAI, fine. There are plenty of places to find it. Amazon Mania even sells it unpasteurized.

    If you want a business opportunity, ANYTHING but that. Read the Wiki entry about what percentages of sellers make money.

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