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    How many of you find that you have too much gas.

    I know this is not a great subject, but I am finding that I am always passing gas. It's not funny! Some days it is so bad, I'm not eating anything that should do it, I've never had this much. It's so embarrasing, I can't stand it.

    gass passer,

  2. Shannonsparkles

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    I wonder how common this is to fibro and CFS? Monamea, may I suggest that you change the title of the post so that it's about gas? Some people may miss it otherwise.

    My brothers called me Shannon the Cannon. It was that bad, even in childhood.

    There are probably a number of things that cause a person to be gassy. I keep a symptom journal about how I am feeling and what I am eating. That helps me to catch certain foods that give me gas. I also take probiotics, and a whole lot of digestive enzymes with every meal, as I know I do not digest things well. So it's avoidance and enzymes for me. I also try to follow the food combining rules that are supposed to make digestion easier.

    With all this, I am not troubled by gas nearly as much as I was. I hope something will help you too, and that other members will have some suggestion for it.

    (( )) Shannon