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    How does one fight depression?

    I need help fighting depression. I see and pray to God everyday to help me get through this day. I have no shoulder to cry on nor a family member who believes in my illness. In most cases I don't know how to be confortable with people nor how to talk to them anymore. I feel isolated even with my family and Grandkids. I use to be the funny one, the positive one, and on the go. Now look at me, I fall asleep anywhere or anytime, I can't get down on the floor to play with the kids. I've gained weight and have had 6 surgeries in 3 years, and now hit with fibro, etc. I find no joy anymore. My Son said "Mom your not fun anymore and you act like an old lady who wants to be around you?" Boy that hurt!!!

    I have tried to give them info on this problem, but they won't read any. They think it is all in my head!! My three children won't listen and are very short with me. It hurts so much. So day's I want to just crawl in a corner and hide.[This Message was Edited on 01/06/2007]

    I might add that I am seeing a psycologist and a counselor they both understand my life at home. I live on a farm with 2men and a teenager boy who all have bi-polor disorder, it can be so much fun here!!! I am on meds. for it, but due to stresses beyond my controll I can't seem to find happiness, so I get depressed. I have ativan if it gets really bad and when I have a panic attack, but I hate taking any more meds. I use to be med. free and wouldn't even take asprin for my headaches, now look at me!!! So pitiful and I look like a big cow, no matter what I do chopping wood, stacking wood, weeding 3 gardens, or working in the house I can't loose weight. I'm on the go all the time until my legs give out from the lympedema. I'm not sure what to do next![This Message was Edited on 01/14/2007]
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    for what you are going through. Unfortunately many of the people that are there to support us tend to be the one's hardest on us when going through this. Have you tried giving your family information to read on this? Some times it helps if they can do some research, they can reach an understanding. We don't fully understand what we are going through, its harder for them.

    There are many people here to talk to. Psychologists can help as well. No, you are not the same as you were, but with a little understanding, they could enjoy you as you are now.