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    How in the heck does the govt expect us to live w/o a paycheck (can't work due to disabilities) but they take forever to approve.

    Why don't they give us the 'poor' people's amount while they are investigating our claims of disability.

    Meanwhile I get medicaid (THANK GOD FOR THAT!) and food stamps. NO income so if I didn't have the best boyfriend in the world, I would be homeless and THAT costs the govt money.

    I still have to pay $3.00 copay for office visits and $1.00 copay for Rx, are they kidding, where am I going to get money like that?

    And what about gas to get to the drs and drug store?

    And non food stamp items like toilet paper?????

    Well, this really started out as a question but turned into a rant. I don't currently know the difference between SSD and SSI and SSDI that is why I used the term 'poor' people's amount. Brain isn't working today.

    Thanks a lot - I really need a support group.

    Love, Lillie
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    I have often wondered the same thing and how they expect older people on SS to live.

    You can also utilize local food banks even in you get food stamps.

    Yet we pay hundreds of thousands to them in gov't and still pay them after they retire. I have often said if people would all stand up to gov't and stop this non-sense but you could never get everyone to do this.

    I better hush before I go on a total rant.
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    I don't know in which state you live but a long-ago dr here in CA, when it became incredibly obvious I couldn't work any more, a dr told me "First, you go to State Disability and put in a claim for General Assistance. Then you go to Social Security and hand in a claim for SSI or SSA. The G A will kick in first and give you something to live on."

    So I did what he said. The G A did indeed kick in first and gave me the princely sum of $84 a month. I could have found VERY cheap housing at the time but, because I didn't want to have to share a bathroom with several other people, I got myself a room with bath. Cost: $80.

    I was eligible for food stamps and, at that time in San Francisco, the cost of the stamps was $6. I don't recall (good old brainfade, bleck) how many $ worth of stamps that $6 got me, but even I could see that subtracting $86 from $84 wouldn't work.

    Had to run around and find someone who would not only lend me $2, they also had to be willing to accept food stamps as payment. (At that time the street rate of exchange was $1US = $2 food stamps).

    That isn't all. I actually had the nerve to need such luxuries as soap, toilet paper, uhhh monthly supplies, etc. It wasn't legal, I freely admit that, but I quietly asked owners of mom & pop stores whether they could help me out with my need for such things.
    FOUND one, by golly. Bless that man, he understood a person can't make it without soap and so on. He did ask me to not be overt about shopping for non-food items if anyone else was in the store. No Problem!!

    Lillie I don't understand how it shook out that you have pharmacy and dr co-pays. Because long ago I received SSI as my total income, I got no-cost MediCare and MedicAid. That lasted until this "new and improved" MediCare system turned up but I still have to pay only a small amount for 2 prescriptions. There seems to be a You Will Pay rule for what are called controlled substances such as Diazepam, the generic substitute for Valium.
    According to Social Security the reason for my no fee status is a thing called the Pickle Amendmment. I'm not kidding. Apparently some guy surnamed Pickle moved and shook the Movers and Shakers until it worked out so that anyone who had received SSI as income wouldn't have to pay for medical care. So I'm a Pickle, lol.
    When I look at how much it costs just to open the door at my dr's office I'll stay being a pickle instead of the cucumber I started out as.

    This is getting TOO long; I'm sorry. Can't come up with any ideas as to how you can get gasoline to put into your car. Any body else got a Gas Plan?

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    Call around to your local churches, tell them your story, some of them will help with gas vouchers.I get alot of non food supplies at the dollar tree.Hope this helps. Robin
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    Sadly, that is why you see so many people "homeless" living on the streets. It is shocking in a country as rich as ours we have this disgrace.

    These days it seems everyone is hurting, even those with jobs. Our economy is a mess. Can you imagine the billions being spent to support the wars, what could that do for our citizens?

    Don't even get me started on the health care crisis. I wish I could pay a $3.00 copay for office visits and $1.00 for RX.

    My monthly premium for health insurance is huge. I have a $1,500 deductible including drugs each year. There is no other coverage I can get at age 57 which is cheaper.

    SSD might be the temporary State Disability. SSDI may be the federal disability which is permanent.

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    all I can say is thank goodness I live in Australia I received my disability pension very quickly and we have free medical
    mind you I still run out of money but luckily I own my own house
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    Good Question!!!! I have no idea what they are thinking. It is sad that this country is in the shape that it is. When you are sick you are shunned, it is so sad. They ought to have to stand in our shoes for a week and see what we have to turn down because we cannot afford it, even things like medicine. I am afraid we are only headed for harder times as our economy is shot. I am so sorry that you and so many other including myself are having to do without and worry how we are going to even survive.

    Hugs!!!! Kriket :(
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    This is a huge issue with me.I filed for disability in 1997. In 2000 my now ex divorced me. So I had NO income at all to even get a lawyer for the divorce.(long story)Anyway, I did get custody of my son Thank God! For the follwoing 3 yrs. I lived on child support($376 a month). I did get rent assistance(Section 8) and food stamps. But this was not enough to survive on.
    I coudl have received 'welfare'(monthly cash) if i would get into their work program. There was NO WAY I was goign to do that! I filed for disability for a reason. Good grief!
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    I have just learned of the Angel Food Ministries that provide groceries, a selection of approximately $55-60 worth for $30 a box. There is no income limits, no qualifying. You can go to their website to locate a distribution center in your area and to see the items offered as well as links to the distribution centers and dates they take orders and the delivery dates. This is a service for anyone who needs it. Check it out. We have to watch every penny when you can no longer work.

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    Not to worry . We don't have money problems......cuz we don't have any.... :>)....LOL !

    Seriously now...

    After reading this thread , I thought I'd ask a question about an experience I had last week. On Thursday , I swung by the local SSA Office to pick up some paperwork for my wife's SSDI claim. As I pulled into the parking lot , I noticed a 52 passenger bus there.

    The inside of the building was stuffed with people and there was about 25 people outside too. English was not the predominate language being spoken. I decided to come back another day.

    I went back at an earlier time the next day. This time , there was the usual amount of people there. After I picked up the necessary paperwork for my wife , I asked the security guard where the bus had come from the day before. He told me that the bus had come straight from Mexico.

    He said that the ride was provided by some farm worker contractors that were providing laborers for our local area farmers. He also told me it was a good thing that I had come in early , since , they expected two more buses later that day.

    He then told me that all of them were coming to the SSA Office to get SSN's and to work here "legally".

    The question that comes up in my mind is whether or not the large influx of none USA citizens with SSNs will further increase our SSA's already large financial problems...

    I don't know and didn't ask since one of the buses just pulled into the parking lot and started to unload just as he finished telling me this.

    I already know that there are a large number of illegal aliens drawing SSA benefits in my area. Some of them even brag about how stupid Americans are to let them draw SSA benefits.

    Just thought I'd share and ask......

    Blessings ,

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    Quote from Bill: I already know that there are a large number of illegal aliens drawing SSA benefits in my area. Some of them even brag about how stupid Americans are to let them draw SSA benefits.

    We are STUPID to let this go on. If I had an outstanding medical bill at the local hospital, they will hound me to my grave. Illegals (we get a lot of dry foot Cubans in So Florida as well as all the others) either get their bill paid by the govt or just walk away. Now I have empathy for other people wanting a better life for themselves and kids but what about me. Don't I matter to this country. I worked for years and paid in.

    Seems to me like the govt is doing their best to wipe out us middle- or lower-middle-class taxpayers. Wonder where they will get their money from when we are all at the poverty level.

    Since I don't work, I do spend a lot of time on the computer and I hear more and more complaints along this line and also more and more talk about it's time for a revolution (even more so than in the 60's).

    I just hope I get at least my backpay before this whole darn thing implodes.

    Edited to add: It's not the immigration --- It is the ILLEGAL immigration. My husband is an immigrant. His family came to US from Europe several years after WWII. Both parents (may they RIP) were involved in Resistance and had American contacts/assistance during the war. They went to Canada first for my husband to have medical treatment at Toronto's Sick Children Hospital. When they came to America, they got on the list, waited their turn (had some difficulties because of MIL's membership in a Nazi organization which had been one of her underground assignments, got that cleared up), finally got into america, learned English, very good English as MIL and FIL were actually trilingual, became citizens, educated themselves further in their trades, and paid in.

    So my problem is not the immigration. File your papers, meet the requirement, and get in line. Learn English while you are waiting.
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    i'm sorry for what you are going through. i'm in the same situation and have racked up my credit cards.

    however, the government needs money to pay for expensive wars, weapons and irrelevant research before considering disabled people, or schools.
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    For today's economy, they give way too little and expect us to live on far below poverty level. They do nothing to up SS to keep up with the economy.

    I was looking at the Foodstamp guidelines today and it actually allows for one person to get in something like 850 dollars a month in my state. I get in only 532 a month. So I'm even below that. And yet, I don't qualify because I currently have too much money in the bank. They want you to have hardly anything put away.

    I don't know how they expect us to buy toilet paper, which, if you dare to have stomach problems, which I do from this disease, costs me alot of money a month. I spend on average, up to thirty dollars a month on the toilet paper. Then there's soap, shampoo, dental products, acne creams, my stomach acid meds. The list goes on. Not to mention gas for the car just to go out and get those things.

    By the time I pay my rent, phone/cable/net, car insurance, I'm not left with a whole lot to get anything I need or to eat. It's horrible.

    BILLCAMO New Member

    illegal immigrants are only a SMALL part of the problem with our SSA program......albeit a growing one. IMHO , here are the two biggest reasons our SSA has large problems.

    #1. High government officials , i.e. our "representatives" , have their own special retirement fund. It is far superior to the SSA system that most of us Americans have to rely on. If "they" had to rely on SSA , I'm sure "they" would do more than just give us lip service !

    #2. Since WWII , a huge amount of money has been "borrowed" from the SSA fund. With some serious digging on the internet , I found out how much. As of the year 2000 the amount "borrowed" exceeds 1.7 TRILLION dollars !

    GEEZ ! I wonder why the predictions are that the SSA system will be in deep , dark , and serious trouble by the time frame of 2015 to 2017 ?

    Our "representatives" tell us that they will have to raise taxes in order to keep the system afloat. I'll bet that if "they" had to depend on SSA , "they" would figure out ways pay our SSA back !!!!! And , I believe , that the payments would be on a more realistic level.

    A disabled friend of mine started a website/forum to inform all Americans of these facts. He also started a petition to the U.S. Government to try to get things set straight. But , he was informed that "they" would most likely jerk his SSD if "they" found out that he was behind this.

    He couldn't take that chance so he backed off ! They are still on the net , but , inactive.....

    Blessings ,

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    BILLCAMO New Member

    That is great news !

    The one thing I'm sure of is that a person CAN'T get it if you don't at least try......

    Blessings ,

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    Don't kid yourself - any complaint to the powers in the house and senate will just laugh when it is suggested they live like we do.

    They know what they are doing - and agree to it.

    Our bad for voting them in -

    In a bad mood that is getting worse by the minute!!!

    Love, Lillie
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