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  1. I read your post on a lyrica said...."I was taking Lyrica for over a year. Previously I took Neurontin/Gabapentin at the max dose. This max dose gave me the worse tremors that I couldn't even hold a glass of water without spilling some because my hands were shaking uncontrollably."

    I am a bit confused (fibro fog maybe) WHICH MED Lyrica or Neurontin caused the shaking and did it quit when you quit the med? I am having the same trouble with LYRICA. The drs say it wouldn't be from that but I am really worried. I thought it best to post seperate so u would see this.
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    Actually, the neurontin was the absolute worst but I was taking about 1,800mg a day.

    But the Lyrica also at the smallest dose really made my hands shake. I was on the Lyrica for a little over a year.

    Now, I'm completely off the Lyrica and I still have some minimal shaking.

    I do believe that my hands shaking is also part of the fibro but when taking the Lyrica it just increased it even more.

    I even hated going shopping because if I held up a blouse or something to see what Randy thought the blouse would just shake.

    My neighbor has Parkinson's and I stopped over to check on her a couple of weeks ago. We had a cup of coffee and my hands shook worse than hers.

    I hope this helps and just give me a holler if you have any other questions.
  3. thanks that is what I am worried, we have a friend who has parkinsons and he is in bad shape. I am afraid this is what I am getting. Sometimes I shake really bad and even feel my leg shaking. The dr says lets watch it.
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    I know what you mean about worrying about Parkinsons.

    I just had a fall on our stairs and it seems that at least once a month some sort of fall. A couple of months ago I had dropped our dinner coming out of the oven. So, Randy my SO has to always take stuff out of the oven now as well.

    Right now, I'm trying to change insurance so I can see a neurosurgeon who did my 2nd opinion for my cervical disc fusion. My mother's sister is a patient at UW of Wisconsin and they have her diagnosed with Lyme's Disease, Fibro and just ran some tests for MS.

    I always feel like when I see my regular PCP or the Neuro that they all think I'm crazy. I believe their must be something in my chart. But this lack of "listening" makes me scared. I was complaining to my PCP for two weeks or so about my side hurting. I was just told to go home and rest and then two days later I just went into the ER and here my appendix ruptured.

    Sorry, didn't mean to vent all that stuff out but like you I believe their is something underlying the fibro diagnosis.
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